Tenn. woman ticketed for swimming in NJ inlet

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POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N.J. (AP) — A Tennessee woman was issued a summons after she had to be rescued while trying to swim in a dangerous inlet while vacationing in New Jersey.

An official say 23-year-old Amy Sartor of Cleveland, Tenn., jumped off the rocks in Point Pleasant Beach and tried to swim across the Manasquan Inlet on Thursday night.

Sartor got caught in the fast current and was pulled out to sea.

Police Detective Clint Daniel tells the Asbury Park Press Sartor was 50 yards off the jetty when she was first spotted and 200 yards by the time Coast Guard rescuers reached her.

Sartor was issued a ticket for violating a borough ordinance of misbehavior. The ticket carries a fine of $200 to $500.

No court date has been set

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/22713916/tenn-woman-ticketed-for-swimming-in-nj-inlet#ixzz2XX7WFCcX

I wonder if she is a member of this discussion group ;-)


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    Someone should have told her about slack tide.
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    A half-million dollar industry ... during the summer of 2010, over 2500 tickets at $200 each were issued for swimming in a Baltimore tradition that goes back decades.

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    I've had no issues spearfishing in that inlet, but I stay within 5 yards of the jetty and keep a float/diving flag with me. Its the only spot where I've seen a school of weakfish...and yes, slack (high) tide is the time to go.

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    In the Baltimore Sun article it says only 279 were cited and the other 2254 were given oral warnings not to swim. That is about a $450,000 difference.

    I spent a lot of time at Loch Raven in the early 1980's. We swam there quite a bit and waded the coves fishing while rarely getting bothered and never getting caught. There are two different "cliffs" at the reservoir and they generally attracted partiers who would then jump off the rocks. There was cause for concern. (Not to mention broken glass everywhere)

    I chose to ignore the no swimming laws that I was well aware of in my youth. If I had been caught, I knew it was on me.
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    Franco wrote:
    In the Baltimore Sun article it says only 279 were cited and the other 2254 were given oral warnings not to swim.
    My bad. I had interpreted the inline text ad as the start of a new article and stopped reading much earlier.
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