CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2018 Barra Award for Overall Year

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Please submit your nominations for the Barra Award, by commenting on this thread. (Please also read the general nomination guidelines before nominating.)

Criteria: the most outstanding year of marathon swimming, all considered. Nominations may include documented, unassisted marathon swims (10 km +), as well as organizational and volunteer contributions.

Recent Barra Award winners (past 3 years) are not eligible.

Previous winners & finalists:

  • 2012: Grace van der Byl (David Barra, Darren Miller, Anna-Carin
    Nordin, Stephen Redmond)

  • 2013 (female): Sarah Thomas (Anna Wardley, Anna-Carin Nordin)

  • 2013 (male): Darren Miller (John Walker, Mo Siegel)
  • 2014 (female): Charlotte Samuels (Emma France, Elaine Howley)
  • 2014 (male): Mo Siegel (Anthony McCarley, Rohan More)
  • 2015 (female): Bridgette Hobart (Jaimie Monahan, Sarah Thomas)
  • 2015 (male): Craig Lenning and Mark Sheridan (Andrew Malinak)
  • 2016 (female): Jaimie Monahan (Caroline Block, Devon Clifford,
    Chloe McCardel)

  • 2016 (male): Dan Simonelli (Philip Yorke, Mark Spratt)

  • 2017 (female): Abigail Fairman (Amy Appelhans Gubser, Jaimie
    Monahan, Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist, Courtney Paulk)

  • 2017 (male): Stephen Rouch (Lynton Mortensen, John Batchelder)

The MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards, now in their seventh year, are the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for the sport of marathon swimming.



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    I would like to nominate Diego Lopez Dominguez (Spain) for the 2018 Barra Award in recognition of his historic contribution to the Annals of Open Water Swimming.
    This “Global Swimmer” and his “Continents Seven” year in the water is astounding in its sheer scope of concept and diligence in completion - From the logistical planning of the swims on each Continent, encompassing Oceans, Rivers and Lakes, -Sporty Conditions, Cold, Winds, Night, Sprint Distance to Ultra-Marathon. Measuring Speed, Endurance, Recovery, along with Mental and Physical Discipline. Diego promoted all of our love for the Open Water and Friendly Competition throughout the World. Listed below are those swims of 10k or more. Complete details of Diego's Continent Seven Swims can be found at

    Date Event Country/Continent Distance(K) Time Water Temp(c)
    1/28 Swim for Haiti Haiti/N.America 10.00 2h28' 18
    3/17 Port to Pub Australia/Oceania 12.00 4h00' 17
    4/14 Swim around Lido USA/N.America 11.30 2h56' 27
    4/28 SCARstage4 USA/N.America 10.00 2h47' 16
    6/16 End-Wet USA/N.America 58.00 11h00' 20
    6/24 8 Bridges stage 5 USA/N.America 32.00 8h42' 18
    7/17 English Channel UK/Europe 34.00 11h04' 15
    8/16 Catalina Channel USA/N.America 33.00 11h12' 18
    9/16 Spuyten Duyvil USA/N.America 10.50 1h24' 20
    10/6 Clean Half China/Asia 15.00 3h42' 26

    The faithful embodiment of the Amateur Athlete, Diego Lopez Dominguez, accomplished his quest with no sponsors or coaches, working full time, fund raising for Ocean Recovery and giving back to the sport he loves by volunteering as an observer with NYOW for two 20bridge events. No need to have to look for Diego at the start or finish of your next swim, He’s always quick with his smile, a handshake, a pat on the back and inquiry as to how Your latest swim went and season is progressing. A most deserving young swimmer for this prestigious award.

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    I nominate Joe and John Zemaitis – The Z Brotherz™ - for the 2018 Barra Award. While this is billed as an individual award, Joe and John swam over 230 miles (370 km) this year and almost all of this was completed in tandem, side-by-side, stroke for stroke. Their impressive accomplishments included all four lakes at SCAR and all 7 Stages of 8 Bridges – the 3rd and 4th individuals to complete both events in the same year - as well as 3 major crossings:

    Z Brotherz

    In addition to their impressive swimming resume, both Joe and John contributed many hours of service to the sport. Joe is the founder of SWIM F.A.S.T (Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training) and serves as race director for the Alcatraz/Golden Gate Swim Weekend. This swim is the primary fundraiser for the Foundation, which provides water safety and drowning prevention programs to children ages 10-17. The annual program features cold water lake training swims, and culminates with the 1.4 mile Alcatraz to San Francisco swim and a 1.2 mile Golden Gate Bridge Swim on consecutive days. Joe also serves as the head coach/director of Swim Neptune a 500+ competitive and developmental year round swim program in Arizona. Additionally, John and Joe were crew and pace/support swimmers for Keiron Palframan’s successful North Channel Crossing on August 4, 2018.

    Their tremendous in-water performances and their dedication to supporting current and future marathon swimmers make The Z Brotherz most worthy of the 2018 Barra Award.

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    Angel More had me on the edge of my seat with her Angel Island Swim, just one day after greeting me on the beach in support of my own Natural Bridges to Capitol Wharf. She completed the California triple crown, after brilliant and humble swims at Catalina and Lake Tahoe. From the start of her year, volunteering at the 24 hr Relay to her most recent acceptance into 20 Bridges, Angel is has inspired us with her grit, humility and grace. She is the heart and future of our sport!

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    The incredibly impressive, speedy, and low-key Martyn Webster @Webstem67 has had a prolific and challenging 2018 season full of interesting swims:

    * April 14th - early Strait of Gibraltar from Europe to Africa (14k in 3 hours, 51 minutes)
    * May 27th - Lake Zurich, Switzerland Solo (26k in 8 hours, 16 minutes)

    • July 9th - Loch Awe, Scotland (a cold 38k in 13 hours, 30 minutes, 37 seconds)
    • August 5th - Lake Zurich, Switzerland Swim Race (26k in 8 hours, 51 minutes, second male master's and not a typo, he did it twice!)
    • August 28th - English Channel Solo from England to France (34k in 12 hours, 57 minutes and Martyn's 2nd EC!)
    • September 17th - Loch Lomond Scotland (a chilly 35k in 12 hours, 4 minutes)

      In addition to all of his amazing swims, Martyn is also a mentor to local swimmers and visitors to beautiful Lake Zurich, always happy to lend a hand, or a kayak. Congratulations Martyn on another terrific season!
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    Dear All,
    I want to nominate Amy Appelhans Gubser for the 2018 Barra Award.

    Her own swim achievements in 2018 of the SCAR Swim, North Channel (35km) and Santa Monica Bay (43km) bay solos speak volumes of her pioneering attitude but her unswerving volunteering to help others is exemplary.

    She helped so many swimmers (10?) complete Lake Tahoe solo this year (including yours truly) but also supporting younger swimmers in the Santa Barbara Channel. She guided swimmers on the 24 hour relay and has helped so many start out gaining confidence in the water in San Francisco Bay. I am sure I have barely scratched the surface!

    I really can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.

    Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 9.03.01 AM

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