EC Planning -- Timeline?

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I'm curious.....those who have attempted/completed an EC.......

What was your planning timeline like?
From day 0 = "I plan to swim the English Channel"
SwimDay = toes in the water.....

How far out did you complete the big, milestones in terms of not just swim prep, but also logistical prep?
I've seen where lodging fills quickly, pilots get booked quickly... etc.

Obviously, this endeavor isn't one that you can decide a month or two in advance to do, and be able to get everything in order. Realistically, how much time should you plan to allow in order to fully prepare for an EC?



  • You need to start with the pilot. Most are booked several years in advance. I think most are booked for 2019 already.

    My rough timeline:

    Started looking for pilots in 2014 for 2016. Many/most were booked. At the time, Stuart (Sea Leopard) was taking reservations on January 1 for the following year. (AFAIK, he is no longer doing this. )

    So I booked Jan 1, 2015 for July 2016.
    Did my qualifying swim Oct, 2015 for July 2016.
    Medical and other misc stuff during winter 2015/2016.
    Didn't make lodging reservations until January, 2016. Made my flights some time after that.

    Again, start with the pilot. The rest can be done much closer to the time of your swim. Hope that helps.

  • So, roughly 2 years of "rented space in your head" for the entire event.

  • KatieBunKatieBun CornwallSenior Member

    I had 3 years of that, @Sara_Wolf . Did a standard relay in August 2011, came home and booked a solo slot for August 2014. I think I spent the first year in denial.

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    I first contacted a pilot at the end of January 2014, and swam on the same day as @Slknight in July 2016. I continued tri training through that summer, went on a long hike, and started swimming in October 2014. I did my first marathon swims in the late Summer/Fall of 2015, and my qualifier at the end of March 2016. I made lodging arrangements in the winter as well - probably Jan 2016. Yup, definitely start with the pilot!

  • Hmmmmm.......

    I'm not sure I have the logistical where withall right now to start actually planning for this.....
    but, I'm in my "what if" stage of things.

    Plus, boss said she'd "forbid it" lol.
    She said she would worry too much, and be mad at me if anything happened.

    At the same time, she'd also be "tickled pink" and brag it up when I finished......sooooooooooooo there's that.

    But, I figure if my mom has already agreed to help in any way she can, I can't be too far off in the "what if" realm of things.

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Every so often, the thought crosses my mind, "I wonder if I could do that." I thought that too about marathon runs before I started running. Later, I ran 7 marathons, including a Boston qualifier and Boston itself. I must be careful what I think. :D

  • MoCoMoCo Worcester, MAMember

    We'll come crew, you know. And anytime you need a cold water vacation, my door is open.

  • dpm50 -- Isn't that the truth!!!

    MoCo -- Good to know! I'm sure there will be more more local long swims in my future before this becomes a reality.

    I realized VERY recently that the reason I am not swimming the EC isn't because I can't (in terms of training, ability, etc.). Rather, it's because of logistics and finances........ That was a BIG realization for me.
    My boss isn't thrilled that I realized that, though! lol
    She said, "If anything happens to you while you do that, I'll be so (ahem) "angry" with you, I won't be able to see straight!!!"

    This is very much a LONG range thought process..... but whereas before it was always, "no"............. now it's........ "when it's right."

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