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The Marathon Swimmers Forum was founded nearly 6 years ago as a medium for substantive discussion of marathon swimming, by marathon swimmers and aspiring marathon swimmers.

We have always had a policy against interpersonal abuse, which has been enforced, but we do not have a "positivity" policy. This isn't the Woo Hoo Brigade. Discussions in these Forums have been instrumental in identifying instances of fraud and other forms of BS that occasionally arise in solo adventure sports. The Forum will not protect you from the dark corners of the sport. Indeed we will actively shine a light on these dark corners.

MSF isn't FB and we aren't backed by a $500 billion for-profit enterprise, and we don't sell advertising space. That's supposed to be a good thing.

Here's my proposal:

If you don't want to talk about or hear about _____ - then start a conversation about something else! 29 of you endorsed the proposal to stop talking about _____. The Forum admin team actually went beyond the proposal and closed every single _____-related discussion. Because we agree, and are tired of that topic too.

If Woo-Hoo, positivity-only is your thing, there is plenty to cheer about. You have a couple of the greatest long-distance swimmers in human history, here among us, contributing on a regular basis. Ask them a question!

We have over 1500 searchable discussion threads on the Forum, on almost every conceivable OWS topic, going back to March 2012. Find an interesting old thread and bump it!

Some folks read the Forum without commenting, and often without even logging in. And that's OK.... except if everyone did that, we'd have a problem. Any Forum is only as good as those who are participating.

Woo Hoo!

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