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Just a quick plea, on the occasion of "Cyber Monday":

If you have enjoyed and/or benefited from the Forum this year, one way to support its continued operation -- at no cost to you -- is to shop on Amazon through our affiliate link.

Simply click THIS LINK for
or THIS LINK for

Your prices stay exactly the same, but we get a small commission on each purchase.

What do we use the money for? Web servers, data backup and security, domain renewals. This site is run mostly on open-source (free) software, but there are also a few premium (paid) software solutions we use. This year we also invested in a custom-designed logo that will hopefully be available soon on MSF swag.

We have never used traditional banner or click advertising (because it's annoying for users), so we rely on alternative means of funding the site. Using these Amazon links is a great way to help out, because it costs you nothing.

If you shop on Amazon for Cyber Monday (or any other day), please consider accessing Amazon through these links (Amazon takes care of the rest): for (US) for (UK)

Thank you! Best wishes to all Forum members through the holiday season.
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    Cheers to those of you who bought stuff through our Amazon link! Just a reminder, you can do this any time of year; there will never be any cost to you, and Amazon throws us a little cash to support this site.

    Affiliate links work on a per-session basis, so in order for us to get "credit" for a purchase, the link needs to be clicked before each shopping session (hint: you can replace the Amazon link in your browser bookmarks!).

    In case you're wondering, Amazon doesn't disclose buyer identities, so feel free to buy embarrassing or awkward items through link, too. No one will ever know :)

    Also forgot to mention: we also have a SwimOutlet link:

    Thanks everyone! We appreciate the support.
  • allanl16allanl16 Miami, FloridaMember

    Any plans to sell MSF "swag"? Would def love to buy some shirts/stickers

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    Hey Allan - silicone caps, stickers, & magnets currently available at:

    We'll do another round of shirts in the near future.

    Thanks for your support!

  • IronMikeIronMike BostonCharter Member

    allanl16 said:
    Any plans to sell MSF "swag"? Would def love to buy some shirts/stickers

    @allanl16, search "swag" and see how my threads come up. ;)

    Seriously, though, the caps, stickers and magnets are great. I wear the caps at all my races, have the magnet on the back of my car, and the sticker on my laptop. People ask me about it and then I get to point them toward this forum and this great sport.


    Just here troubling deaf heaven with my bootless cries...

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    It's time for our once-annual bump of this thread:

    If you have benefited from the existence of the Marathon Swimmers Forum this year, and are planning to shop through Amazon or SwimOutlet this holiday season, please consider using our affiliate links.

    It costs you nothing (your prices don't change), and we receive a small commission to offset the costs of running this site.

    For this to work:

    1. Click one of the links (Amazon US, Amazon UK, or SwimOutlet) before beginning your shopping session.
    2. Add stuff to your cart & check out. (Please note, amazon and swimoutlet do not tell us who is purchasing which items.)
    3. That's it!

    Thanks very much for your support! :-c

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