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I have been asked by the Secretary of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame to assemble a mailing list of inductees. We have most but are missing contract details for the below. Can you help? Ideally I want an email address...but postal will do. If you are more comfortable, forward my details to them and ask them to contact me via Facebook or email from my profile.

Thanks in advance.

The first column is their induction year. Following their name is the country. The next column is to determine if they are with us still - if you saw them/heard from them recently GREAT, please let me know.


1979 Alawi Makki, UAE                                 News ? SWIMMER
1978 Alfredo Camarero,  ARG                      News ? SWIMMER
1998 Anne Chagnauld, FRA Alive SWIMMER
1991 Annemie Landmeters, BEL        Alive SWIMMER
1998 Atila Molnar, HUN Alive SWIMMER
1971 Baptista Pereira, POR                          News ? SWIMMER
1973 Barry Watson, GBR Alive SWIMMER
1969 Bert Thomas, USA                             News ? SWIMMER
1970 Brenda Sherratt, GBR News ? SWIMMER
1988 Bridget Young, GBR Alive SWIMMER
2005 Carl Walker GBR Alive ADMINISTRATOR
1969 Carlos Larriera, ARG                   Alive SWIMMER
1994 Carole Hunt, GBR Alive SWIMMER
1967 Cavill Family, AUS* (1970)                                              News ? SWIMMER
1996 Chad Hundeby, USA News ? SWIMMER
1982 Christine Cossette, CAN         Alive SWIMMER
1978 Cynthia Nicholas, CAN* (2005) Alive SWIMMER
2005 Daniel Eulogio Carpio Massioti “Carpayo”, PER News ? SWIMMER
1992 David Alleva, USA Alive SWIMMER
1983 David Morgan, GBR                                     Alive SWIMMER
1969 David Smith, USA                              Alive SWIMMER
1995 Diego Degano, ARG                           Alive SWIMMER
1997 Dr. Harry H. Briggs, USA                   Alive SWIMMER
2007 Edith Van Dyke, NED Alive SWIMMER
1971 Elaine Gray, GBR  (Married as Blower?)                             Alive SWIMMER
1979 Ersin Aydin, TUR                                News ? SWIMMER
1973 Eva Morrison, USA             News ? SWIMMER
1973 Feng Yao-Hsein, CHI     News ? SWIMMER
1996 Greg Strepple, CAN Alive SWIMMER
1966 Guilio Travaglio, ITA News ? SWIMMER
1966 Hassan Abdel Rheim, EGY News ? SWIMMER
1970 Helge Jensen, DEN News ? SWIMMER
1963 Herman Willemse, NED * (2008) Alive SWIMMER
1973 Imre Szenasi, HUN News ? SWIMMER
1980 Ishak Helmy, EGY News ? SWIMMER
1991 James Kegley, USA Alive SWIMMER
1971 James Toomey, USA                         News ? ADMINISTRATOR
2001 James Whelan, USA** (1999) Alive ADMINISTRATOR
1985 Jan Van Scheyndal, NED News ? SWIMMER
1978 Jerry Kerschner, USA News ? SWIMMER
1985 Jim Moran, USA** (1994) News ? ADMINISTRATOR
1970 Johanes “John” Schans, NED News ? SWIMMER
1965 John Sigmund, USA News ? SWIMMER
1967 Jose Cortinas,  ARG                           News ? SWIMMER
2012 Larisa Dmitriyevna Ilchenko, RUS Alive SWIMMER
1968 Linda Mc Gill, AUS Alive SWIMMER
1988 Lyndon Dunsbee, GBR Alive SWIMMER
1988 Marc Newman, GBR Alive SWIMMER
2012 Marcos Diaz, DOM Alive SWIMMER
2000 Margaret Park Wisniski, CAN Alive SWIMMER
1967 Marilyn Bell, CAN Alive SWIMMER
1984 Martha Norelius, USA News ? SWIMMER
1963 Marty Sinn, USA Alive SWIMMER
1966 Mihir Sen, IND News ? SWIMMER
1993 Monique Wildschut, NED                 Alive SWIMMER
1979 Nasser El Shazly, UAE                   News ? SWIMMER
2003 Norman Trusty, GBR Alive SWIMMER
2007 Osama Ahmed Montaz, EGY Alive SWIMMER
1980 Paole Donnaggio, ITA           News ? SWIMMER
1969 Patty Thompson, Canada                        News ? SWIMMER
1978 Rejean La Coursiere, CAN News ? SWIMMER
2004 Right Hon. William J. Long OB, GBR  Alive PILOT
2004 Robert Cossette, CAN                        News ? SWIMMER
1970 Robert Dowling, USA News ? SWIMMER
1994 Sarah Hunt, GBR Alive SWIMMER
1971 Shadia El Rageb, EGY                       News ? SWIMMER
1979 Steve Wozniak, USA News ? SWIMMER
2005 Susie Maroney, AUS Alive SWIMMER
1987 Tanarath Shenoy, IND    News ? SWIMMER
1983 Tina Bischoff, USA                           News ? SWIMMER
1968 Tom Park, USA Alive SWIMMER
1998 Veljko Rogosic, YUG News ? SWIMMER
2002 Willy Van Rysal, GBR/NED Alive SWIMMER
2009 Yuri Kudinov, RUS Alive SWIMMER



  • ZoeSadlerZoeSadler Charter Member
    Hi Ned,
    Sadly, Willy Van Rysel, a pioneer of Masters swimming here in the UK, passed away in September 2012.
  • gregocgregoc Charter Member
    Ned, Eva Morrison, a 1973 swimmer inductee on your list, passed away 1985 in Brockton, MA. She was a huge open-water swimmer and had swum the Boston Light Swim in 1924.
  • JacqueJacque Karlsruhe (Germany)Member
    Hi Ned,
    Diego Degano (1995 ARG) has his own homepage ( and fb-page (, each with contact details. He seems to be running for office now. I was talking about him with Christof (Wandratsch) recently, Diego supported Christof on one of his EC-swims.
  • IronMikeIronMike BostonCharter Member
    @Ned, according to The Evening News, 12 July 87, Steve Wozniak passed away. He was almost 72. More here:,990518

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  • JenAJenA Charter Member
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    Rejean La Coursiere has a swimming website: I emailed him maybe two years ago, and heard back from one of his children that they had passed the message along.
  • NedNed Charter Member
    Thanks...we found all except 8....any ideas ?

    Marty Sinn, USA Alive I suspect - 75 ish ? Mary Martha (legal names) Catalano…married name. University of Michigan. Probably lives in Detroit area (Bloomfield Hills in 1996). I think still swims masters ?

    Alawi Makki, UAE                                 News ? Probably born in SAFWA (Saudi Arabia).
    John Sigmund, USA would be about 95 in 2014
    Jose Cortinas,  CUB                           Would be 98 in 2014
    James Toomey, USA                         would be about 85 in 2014 Proabably lives in New Jersey.
    Helge Jensen, DEN would be 76 in 2014 Probably lives in British Columbia Canada.
    Feng Yao-Hsein, CHI     would be 86 in 2014 Probably living in Tianjin from 2008 - but left in 2011.
    Jerry Kerschner, USA Would be 88 in 2014 Probably lives in Florida.
  • SpacemanspiffSpacemanspiff Dallas, TexasSenior Member
    @ned I did some digging using some asset/property searching resources available in my office. I only have access to U.S. assets/property, so I didn't even attempt those you didn't indicate as such. Here are results:

    Marty Sinn: Almost certainly found her. Mary Catalano (aka "Marty," "Mary Martha") age 71, currently resides in Bloomfield, MI. Significant utility, governmental, political and financial activity reported in last 12-months (likely very much alive). I can send you address/phone by email for privacy.

    John Sigmund: Could only find 3 living people named John Sigmund over the age of 90. None with middle initial "V." But couldn't find any recently deceased with that initial, either.

    James P. Toomey: Likely found the right one. Age 83, currently residing in Toms River, NJ and appears to be a life-long resident of NJ (at least last 50 years). There are other James Toomeys in New Jersey, but this one is closets to your age estimate. Nominal amount of reportable activity in recent year, likely still living. Can provide address/phone by email for privacy.

    Jerry Kerschner: Tough one. Could not locate a single living male Kerschner with first initial “J” or “G” with DOB in 1924-1926 in U.S. However, two males in Florida with DOB in 1925: Roy F. Kerschner and Byron D. Kerschner, and neither seem likely candidates. However, I can provide address/phone by email.
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    you are a star... please send me more details !!
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