Logs: Old Fashioned or Electronic

My questions are these:
(1) Do you log for your swim workouts?
(2) If so, do you use an old fashioned paper log or do you use an electronic log ala SportTracks or TrainingPeaks?
(3) Recommendation for log?

I've searched for a thread with similar content, to no avail. I hope I haven't missed it!

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful responses!


  • I'm old-fashion. I use your basic monthly notebook/calendar,

    Each month is tabbed, and gets just the yardage done on a day to day basis, and then the actual date page gets the breakdown on the workout itself. At the end of each monthly section is a "notes" page, which I use to compile fastest sets each month (100/200/400/etc) so that I can easily reference where I'm at and how I'm progressing. I'll also write training goals for the following month if I'm prepping for a particular swim in the semi-near future.
  • I use both methods good old fashioned training log book which I like as its an interereting way to look back through past races and training plans, also gets logged on Garmin connect and Strava
  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member
    Both. But the online version I use is pretty old fashioned. I log all of my swims at swimmingcommunity.com, the most basic website you could ever imagine.
    Then, I use a 3-year perpetual calendar, on paper, so I can easily compare year to year.
  • jkormanikjkormanik Boise, IdahoMember
    Niek - Do you have a sample?
  • FrancoFranco Charter Member
    I use TrainingPeaks with workouts uploaded from my coach. It is pretty good for a log and some metrics. We used to use WorkoutLog.com which I preferred.

    I believe my coach is able to keep a sizable database of workouts in TrainingPeaks so that when he is planning out the week he doesn't have to write every individual workout. The site is geared more towards triathletes with logs that cover all three sports and numerous other exercises.

    If you are a USMS member, you can always use the FLOG. I used to copy my workouts there for back up and GTD awards until I gave up my membership. It is a fairly simple log but I would use it if I didn't have other options.

    I could never see me writing all of this stuff out.
  • jkormanikjkormanik Boise, IdahoMember
    Thanks, @Niek. I'll take a shot it myself.
  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    edited October 2014
    I use Google Spreadsheets for my training log, for which I enter, each day: total meters swum in a pool, total meters swum in open water, and total time in the water. I then compute via spreadsheet formulae my total yards swum per month, and a moving average of my total yards swum per week, over the past month and quarter.

    I try to keep the moving averages as steady as possible, preferably moving up slightly (though often they're not).

    The moving averages allow me to create charts such as the one I published in a blog post a few years ago, in the run-up to what was then my longest-ever swim, the inaugural Swim the Suck.

  • Mike_GemelliMike_Gemelli Rutherford, NJMember
    Like Franco, I use the USMS Go The Distance Flog.

    I like to log the entire workout with my times, but sometimes if its too much remember on the 5 minute walk to my office I'll take a picture of the white board with my phone.
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