Salvatore Cimmino to swim from Cuba to America

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    I don't know how many people are aware of this, but Salvatore only has one leg! His recent MIMS swim was done with a conventional suit, but many of his incredible swims have been done with a thin wetsuit. I had the pleasure of planning and observing a 25k swim for him in Boston Harbor.
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    Wow! Talk about an adult-onset swimmer! He didn't start until he was 40? Amazing. Totally.
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    Niek wrote: »
    He mailed me that he'll do it in a FINA approved swimsuit.
    I can't keep track of what FINA allows and what they don't allow. For open water events, I think they allow men to wear the cheater extra-coverage suits, right?
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    So the answer to my question is: "Yes."

    Thanks @Niek.
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    Niek wrote:
    Here's what the FINA rules on suits:
    FINA handbook 2013-17 by laws:
    BL 8.4 From June 1, 2010 Open Water swimwear for both men and women shall not
    cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below the ankle. All Open Water
    swimsuits shall comply with the FINA Criteria for Materials and Approval Procedures.
    FINA approved swimsuits


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