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Hi all-
I'm looking for some ideas and suggestions from the group. I'm working on a story about ways to reuse and recycle swimming gear, particularly silicone, latex, and neoprene caps, goggles, wetsuits, bathing suits, and the like. I've found a few resources online, but wondered what you all do with your caps after they rip, for example? I usually just pitch it in the trash, but that seems wasteful and probably bad for the environment. Anyone have a different solution?

I also recall seeing something online a while back about a group that was collecting used sports equipment and shipping it overseas to be used by needy kids. Does anyone have any info on that program or something similar? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Sounds as if we can just our caps to Niek. We'll be propping up the USPS and making sure they are re-used in an environmentally sound way.
    Your address please Niek? I have some ripped caps for you.

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    Hi Elaine! the Boys and Girls Clubs (greater Boston) and Water Warriors (Wayland) always want goggles, caps, etc- obviously ripped caps no, but we put a bunch of goggles back together (from lost & found) with replacement straps I purchased on sale. I am sure any area, whether urban or rural, has nonprofit programs that will take useable equipment. Even clean, good swimsuits can be valuable- take a look around at all the stuff you buy then don't like (this happens in my house, anyway) and give them away!!
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    I've used ripped caps in place of various gaskets, washers, spacers for handlebar mounted bike accessories, etc.

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    I have a ripped silicon cap in my tea towel drawer. Makes an excellent jar opener.
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