Why, that's Speedo-ism! (humour, and humor)

JenAJenA Charter Member
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Should anti-Speedo sentiments be considered a hate crime? :-)



  • gregocgregoc Charter Member
    I think most people consider wearing a Speedo is a hate crime.
  • TimDexTimDex Member
    Is it 'a speedo' or should it be just 'speedos'?

    From Urban Dictionary


    A proper and very common swimming costume favoured by people young and old worldwide, except in the United States. The speedo-style suit is form-fitting, which allows for better control in the water, faster drying, and more comfort. Since Europeans, Asians and Brazillians don't obsess over penis size or automatically associate speedos with homosexuality the way Americans do, people of all shapes and sizes can wear them while swimming without ridicule.

    I wanted to wear my speedo while in Texas, but I was afraid of being laughed at, beaten up and ostracized by the culturally bereft locals.


    Having just ordered a pair(?) of square leg speedos Im going to be interested in my better half's reaction. She was a tad taken aback when I paraded about in a set (?) of jammers. With my current progression and my former British/European self coming to the fore; I should be ready to unleash the budgie smugglers this time next year :)
  • dc_in_sfdc_in_sf San FranciscoCharter Member
    It seems appropriate to add this useful PSA Video to the thread :D

    http://notdrowningswimming.com - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

  • JenAJenA Charter Member
    OMG, @dc_in_sf! That is hilarious! :-)
  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member
    I just snorted with laughter. Thank you.
  • gregorywannabegregorywannabe Senior Member
    An old classic ad from OZ. Still funny, and the "bathers, bathers, bathers, undies" line still used today! :)
  • aquacaeaquacae Sydney, AustraliaMember
    I used to say speedos were for children and professional athletes... then I started swimming seriously, then my wife said if she ever saw me in my budgy smugglers it'd be D-I-V-O-R-C-E... then she did, then she watched me swim the channel in them... but I won't wear them to the beach... that's just weird.
    I do feel I've gone down a slippery slope though!
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