Veljko Rogošic - Interesting article on the Daily News of Open Water swimming

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Steve M has posted an interesting article on the Daily news of open water swimming ( LINK below ). I don't know enough about the swim and I will let others more knowledgeable about the swim question/agree with or challenge the article. One VERY big question I do have is around the distance .... the award he receives (photo attached to article ) states he was the first person in the world....etc to swim more than 200 K without getting out of the water etc. I have looked at the starting point for the swim and the ending point for the swim and agree that the distance is very close to the 121.49 miles(plus or minus 1 mile ) that they have mentioned - but 121.49 miles equates to 195 Kilometres not 225 kilometres as the award also states. It appears that they have used nautical miles not miles to do the calculations (121.49 nautical miles equals 225 kilometres ) I would welcome a discussion on this .


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    Hi Niek- I have seen this previous post. I want more to concentrate on the 121.49 (195 Kilometre ) I said my distance on line tool agrees with the 121.49 miles (195 K ) but they appear for this swim to have called the distance 121.49 Miles (but have used nautical miles for the 225 calculation )
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    Interesting- the guiness site says distance is distance covered by gps not point to point
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    Steve just added the following note to the original DNOWS article:

    Editor's Note: The reported distance of Veljko Rogošić's swim in the Adriatic Sea in 2006 is 139.8 statute miles (225 km). But the distance between his starting and finishing cities appears to be only a total straight-line distance of 121 statute miles (194.7 km), based on confirmation on Google Maps. However, information on the exact GPS coordinates of the starting and finishing positions are not known and were not reported.
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