A Truly Unique Swim -if it's doable

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Quite by accident, I think I may have stumbled upon what would one of the truly unique swims, assuming it is doable. I have no idea if the water is deep enough and if you'd end up in prison for even attempting it. However, there is a place in Wales called the LLangollen Canal and the Section from Frankton Junction to Trevor Basin includes 2 fairly tight tunnels, one of which is 1/4 mile long and you would also have to swim over an aquaduct suspended high over the a river.

What's the opinion of our UK members? Doable? I'd kill for a shot at this if it is.


Hmmm.... for some reason the pictures aren't showing up. Just follow the links.


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    How strange that when I click on the links, it just takes me back here.

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  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNSenior Member
    That's so amazing! I saw something like this on Amazing Race last season.
  • ChickenOSeaChickenOSea Charter Member
    This is exactly the kind of thing I'd dream about doing, even before I took up swimming. Going through tunnels and locks would be so much fun. I always dreamt if swimming my way around the canals of Venice, too...except it might not be the healthiest idea.
  • suziedodssuziedods Mem​ber
    Wowee!! Yeah!!! IN!!
  • ZoeSadlerZoeSadler Charter Member
    It looks fun!
    My understanding is that you would get into a spot of bother if you tried it though. Swimming or "bathing" in canals is prohibited under the byelaws of the British Waterways Board. The water might be fairly stagnant too - I certainly wouldn't get in!
  • TimDexTimDex Member
    I think the UK 'keep you snuggly and warm, wrapped in cotton wool so you dont sue' police, sorry Health and Safety Executive might not like the plan.
    You could just rent two narrow boats and swim between them. I'd still be really leary of the locks, especially when they empty :)
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    Noting someone from the Netherlands explain the dangers of canal swimming is as essential as listening to someone from California or Hawaii talk about sharks, as far as I'm concerned!


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