Should we bring back the golden age of marathon swimming?

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OK, I searched around and don't think we have a generic-enough thread for this.

Question recently came up about MIMS changing to solo swims instead of the race. My question here is, should we bring back some of the races from the golden age of marathon swimming? La Tuque 24-hour swim? EC races? Do a Catalina race?

We still have the Lac St Jean I believe. But I think that is mostly professionals, but I might be wrong.

I would answer my question Yes! But I'd like to see these races not just for professionals or speedy swimmers. I think everyone that qualifies (whatever that means) should have a chance to compete in these types of races. For example, I think for an EC race, the swimmer should have done an EC solo. Same for a Catalina (or other Santa Barbara-area race).

What do you guys think?

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