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  • Hello, I am new here.
    When I was in school, I was learning how to swim with coach for 8 years. I performed in swimming competitions constantly. As an adult, I don’t swim professionally, but I am addicted to this sport.

  • WipperWipper Fort Collins, COMember

    I haven't posted in a long while, and I'm back. I've had some life changes (she's now 2 years old), and a relo because of a change in jobs. I've got more consistency ahead in the pool and outdoors, but I don't know when it gets warm enough to swim in Colorado lakes.

  • colleensachscolleensachs Santa Rosa Beach, FloridaMember

    I am brand new to the forum, and to marathon swimming. I've been a triathlete for several years, but find that I really love the swimming above everything else. I am coming back from a year successfully fighting cancer, and plan to do the FKCC Key West Around the Island swim in June. I've been adding distance to my workouts each week, and am eager to soak up any wisdom about marathon swimming in general and the Key West event in particular.

  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNSenior Member

    "...but I don't know when it gets warm enough to swim in Colorado lakes."

    I guess that depends on what your definition of warm is :)

  • SonjaJSonjaJ Twin Cities, MinnesotaMember

    Hi all, I stumbled across the MSF page sometime last summer and have been lurking occasionally since. I'm not an official marathon swimmer but I'd like to be in the future!
    I grew up loving the water and swam in a club since I was 6. In high school I did "distance" swimming, the 500 scy freestyle. I was never very fast but loved it all the same. I do remember the swim-a-thons we had I always tried to swim the farthest on the team and would do about 300 laps (15,000scy) although I did take breaks.
    Anyway I hadn't "seriously" swam since high school until last summer, I did a sprint tri and then the swim portion of a half ironman relay so 1.2 miles. This summer I have another tri planned and and a 3 mile ocean swim in July on vacation in Maine!
    I have really appreciated all the inspiration and experience on this page!

  • Hello. I've been lurking around recently to get some inspiration for an upcoming long for me but short for most of you lake swim in September. Up until the last month I hadn't been swimming much in about a year. I'm doing a 3-mile Swim Across America event. My longest open water distance previously was about 2 miles in 2016. I have severe osteoarthritis coupled with some delightful necrosis in my hip joint - a long term result of a riding accident when I was 16 - so, aside from walking, I'm mostly limited to non-weight bearing exercise. Fortunately, I had started swimming (off and on) several years before my arthritis got to bad for other activities when my sister decided she wanted to do a triathlon. I had been a decent runner (read: I enjoyed it, but was definitely never fast), but I HATED riding the bike. I hated training in traffic so I basically just went to spin class and rode through some wide street developments to prepare. But it turns out that it only took me 2 days in the pool and a couple of simple drills to find out that I have a decent natural swim stroke and really enjoyed the swimming. I joined a tri group before my second (and last) triathlon mostly so I could get coached swimming and found that I really enjoyed our lake practices. So now I'm looking forward to getting ready for some more distance.

    I'm probably a bit irrationally afraid of being eaten by a shark (sure, it may only happen to one in a million or something, but who wants to be that one?) so I can't even go knee deep in the ocean, but am okay with any body of water where whatever might potentially bite me couldn't take off more than a toe. I did 2 miles in an early season lake swim a couple years ago where the air and water temps were in the 60s and thought that was cold (Spent the rest of the day cold, tired, and starving and it was only 2 miles!) so I'm in awe of some of the crazy conditions I've read about here. Anyway, really enjoying going through all the forum posts for inspiration! Thanks!

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    welcome jsroberts. And good luck with your training and progress. If you're training already then 3miles in September is definitely doable.

  • sosophiaphiasosophiaphia Colorado USAMember

    Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to end my lurking and join these forums for real. I’m not a marathon swimmer just yet, though.

    I learned to swim at age 11 and swam (not terribly competitively) DIII/NAIA for three years in college. I’ve now been out of the water since 2006 and back in for about four months. While I’ve enjoyed getting connected with my local Masters team and swimming some longer workouts on my own, more and more I have been feeling confined by walls and laps and the indoor settings I’m limited to in this Colorado winter. I’ve also always been that slow but steady person who feels like she’s just getting started at the end of a 1.5 hour team workout. Needless to say, the lakes are calling...

    Problem is, I’ve had a debilitating FISH phobia for decades. Thanks to some torturous exposure therapy, I’m hoping to be able to get in the water this summer! I’m grateful to be in an area now where there is some active OW community including the best of the best (some of you are here, I know!) My hopefully realistic goal is a 5K by the end this season, but I have my eye on some longer distances as well.

    I look forward to conitinuing to learn from you all!

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    welcome and all the best with the training and getting over the fear

  • ErrrwinErrrwin BerlinMember

    There's an actual marathonswimmerforum! B-)

    Anyway. ;) I'm Erwin, born in 1976 (42 next July) and I'm a Dutch guy living in the city of Berlin in Germany.

    When I was young I used to swim competitions. Nothing major events or anything, just locally. Until I got tired of counting tiles at my 18th and I quit. Did a range of other sports until I stuck with running at my early 30s. Ran about 10 marathons and other fun endurance stuff until one of my best friends (whom I know from swimming) organized a fundraiser in the end of 2016 challenging me to swim 1km.

    Well, I obviously couldn't say no. Fundraiser, my friend and swimming. So I started swimming a bit again (wasn't going to do this without any preparation) and the swimming was fun again! That in combination with getting bored of running made me start my second career in the pool.

    My friend (the one from the fundraiser) made me a schedule to swim 2 times a week and helped me get my technique a bit up to par again.

    Then. Friends came up with this crazy plan to swim the IJsselmeer in Holland, relay style. 22km from Medemblik to Stavoren in august of 2017. And I thought and said: "Sure!". Told my friend I needed another trainingschedule which she happily made for me (she, being a three time Olympian, is not the type to make easygoing schedules :P ).

    In preparation I swam two slightly longer races (4 and 6km) where it was apparent that I am way faster than my IJsselmeerswimfriends. But I thought: "It's for fun, who cares?"

    Until we found ourselves on the boat taking us to the other side of the IJsselmeer and somebody said: "Hey, why don't you try swimming the entire 22km on your own?" which planted this seed in my head (bastards! :D ) and I ended up indeed swimming the 22km solo -whilst the others swam relay- in a tempo that was uncomfortably slow. But and experience richer and another seed planted in my head which is the Open Dutch Championships Marathonswimming in August 2018.

    So. Looked up info (need to qualify with a 10km under 2:45) and turned to my schedulefriend again who made another (asskicking) schedule and I started training again: 4 times a week. Short endurance on Monday, speedwork on Wednesday, recovery/technique on Friday and long endurance on Sunday. Around 12-15km a week until the 10km qualifier with main focus on speed without neglecting endurance -which is my strong point- of course.

    And now I've registered here. Reading up on tips and experiences and looking for people with the same silly hobby. :)


  • curlycurly Issaquah, WASenior Member

    sosophiaphia said:

    Problem is, I’ve had a debilitating FISH phobia for decades.

    Don't worry, you are bigger than all the fish in Colorado and they're scared of people anyway...

  • sosophiaphiasosophiaphia Colorado USAMember

    curly said:

    sosophiaphia said:

    Problem is, I’ve had a debilitating FISH phobia for decades.

    Don't worry, you are bigger than all the fish in Colorado and they're scared of people anyway...

    Curly, you just made my night! Still terrified, but getting better. :)

  • SamSam Member

    Errrwin said:
    Looked up info (need to qualify with a 10km under 2:45) and turned to my schedulefriend again who made another (asskicking) schedule and I started training again: 4 times a week. Short endurance on Monday, speedwork on Wednesday, recovery/technique on Friday and long endurance on Sunday. Around 12-15km a week until the 10km qualifier with main focus on speed without neglecting endurance -which is my strong point- of course.

    Good work dude! Where is your qualifying swim? OW or pool? If OW then what temperature? Lastly, are you able to post a more detailed break down of your weekly schedule (my goal is to go 3 hours in a 10km event this year so it would be great to see what your doing if possible).


  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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  • HeatMizerHeatMizer Cottesloe, Western AustraliaMember

    Thankyou Evan, it looks like a great site. There are many people from Perth West Auz. listed. I have been coached by Shelley Taylor-Smith and Paul Newsome @swimsmooth. You may want to include the 10km results in the series here. They are used as qualifiers for the Port to Pub and the Rottnest Channel Swim. Maybe one day, if I keep training, I will be motivated to have a go at some of the greater global swims mentioned on your site i.e Catilina, English Channel and Manhattan. Regards Greg

  • I've been in the sport for quite a while, but new to the forum. I've been directing a lot more events than I compete in lately. Check out our events and training here:

  • SpacemanspiffSpacemanspiff Dallas, TexasSenior Member

    John_Kenny said:
    I've been in the sport for quite a while, but new to the forum. I've been directing a lot more events than I compete in lately. Check out our events and training here:

    Hey @John_kenny we met several years ago when you were passing through Dallas and crashed our noon masters workout. Welcome.


    "Lights go out and I can't be saved
    Tides that I tried to swim against
    Have brought be down upon my knees
    Oh I beg, I beg and plead..."

  • StephSteph Member

    Hello! I’m Steph. Been swimming competitively since early childhood, took a 10 year break after freshman year of college, then started back w masters and just got into OW. Doing Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in June and looking to learn more about OW.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    Welcome to the newest members of our community, who joined us during the month of April:

    @JWS009, @John_Kenny, @SlowFloat, @DRich, @McGirlswims, @ajbrklyn, @Steph, @AllisonWare, @T_Korona, @thebigswim, @Elizabeth, @Ginny, @Babette, @JessicaForsgren, @buharudolpha, @LizFry, @Koloheboy, @Aegir, @JOsh, @cvk, @Dylan20, @RiaanBotha, @Hollyberry, @LanieVV, @Sarah, @ckubaney

    Please introduce yourselves, if you're inclined.

  • westiuswestius sydney, australiaMember
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    Hello all - I've just joined up, long time reader, first time poster. I've done lots of open water swimming in Sydney, but only two 5km swims, and at some point I'd love to increase that out to 10km - but maybe not for a little while, I can't get the training in! There is a series of 5km events in Sydney next summer and I think I'll try to give a couple a go. And then maybe later I'll tackle some of these exotic swims!

    I do a couple of related things - we're trying to find sustainable solutions for the tens of thousands of swimming caps handed out at ocean swims and then thrown away each summer, and whilst I've cleaned up some for reuse with various charities, pools etc., there are way too many to do that every week, so we're looking at recycling options - it's tough, no love yet, so I'm open to ideas! I might start a thread about this at some point. The effort is called Recap

    The other thing I do is I've just started an ocean swimming podcast - The Pod - aiming to talk about all sorts of things re ocean swimming, and hopefully have fun. Would love feedback! There are 7 episodes up as I type, with more in the pipeline.

    nice to meet you all!

  • SarahSarah Desert SouthwestMember

    My name is Sarah and I live in the desert southwest region of the United States. I was a competitive swimmer in high school and still swim long distances. I've done a few shorter distance open water swims but am transitioning to marathon swims. I'd like to do relay marathon swims first before attempting solo marathon swims. I want to do a width or length relay swim across Lake Tahoe this year but have had a hard time finding relay swimmers to do it with me. If anyone is interested in doing the Lake Tahoe relay swim with me, or if you're looking for a relay swimmer to add to your relay swim, please send me a message. Thanks for reading!

  • I think I have been a member for a while, but not very active. Nice to meet you all!!!

  • MargaretMargaret White Plains, NYMember

    Hi, I am Margaret from New York, USA. I love traveling with my family. I also love swimming and want to learn more about swimming. Basically, I am a newbie and hope that spend a good time here

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    welcome Margaret. if your travels every get you to cape town south Africa let me know and will make sure you get some good swims in

  • AliSwimsAliSwims New ZealandMember

    Hello, My name is Alice, and after about 18 months of using this forum for ideas (and assisting with future crazy swim plans) I thought I better sign up and say hello! I too am a relative newbie to Endurance Swimming, however after completing the distance of New Zealand's Lake Taupo earlier this year I can say I'm starting to slowly learn what does and doesn't work for me... still learning though!! If I had to pick (just) two things which have resonated to me sofar from advice/offerings/pearls of wisdom from this forum they would be ... a. As a general rule you can swim the distance you train for in a week. This was especially helpful when I was trainning for Taupo, as I found the inital process (or concept of how I was going to swim 40 km) overwelming. I was also pleased to learn that your expectations adjust the further down the journey you are are :-) and b. Post event swim blues are indeed a thing.... post Taupo, while I adjusted well phyiscally, I was mentally tired for a lot longer than what I anticipated. During this process I learnt to be a lot kinder on myself, allow myself to eat lots pizza, but then to also have a future goal ligned up to get back into "consistent" training. This happend to be the Apolima Strait, where I learnt that every. swim. is. different. Speaking of which, I'm feeling very blessed to be attending the Lake Zurich marathon swim in August this year, so if any other forum members are attending, please come and say hello! I'll be the one in the New Zealand togs, looking slightly lost from having to swim "upside down" ;-) Nice to meet you all.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Welcome Alice! Congrats on your Taupo swim, that is really impressive. Glad to hear you've found this place useful :) cheers

  • Openh2oOpenh2o Member

    Hi all ow friends
    Im for first time here!
    Can enybody sey me samthing about key west swim?
    I will swim kw on 16 june!
    Thk in advase

  • Nobody know key west swim?!?((
    Ok i wil ask u agein when go to swim Catalina!)))
    All the best

  • Openh2o said:
    Nobody know key west swim?!?((
    Ok i wil ask u agein when go to swim Catalina!)))
    All the best

    Hi @Openh2o if you run a search for Key West here on the forum, you will find a ton of information. It's been discussed on several occasions. Best of luck!

  • Thk)))
    Sorry for my poor english!

  • Hey everyone. Back after some time away. Wife had some babies. Life has gone crazy. Back swimming with the local masters group. Loving being back in the pool again.

  • Mermeg123Mermeg123 Member
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    Hi, swimmers!
    I'm new to the forum and emerging as an open water swimmer. I grew up as a pool swimmer on the Space Coast of Florida. Eventually, my family moved to New York and I swam through high school and college there at (SUNY Geneseo) . I discovered open water swimming two summers ago while vacationing in Lake George, NY. I swam with a pod at sunrise and I was hooked. I've done just a few swim events since then beginning with the 2.4 mile "conch swim" in the Turks and building up to a 10.5 mile width crossing of Lake Tahoe. This summer, I will attempt solos of Lake Tahoe length and Anacapa island to Oxnard, CA. My crew convinced me to join the South End Rowing club in San Francisco and I love it! I've been swimming in SF Bay off and on since last October.

    So far, my swim bucket list is:
    Great Lakes (all of them), Lake George, swim around Key West, Tampa Bay, Round Trip Angel Island, various Adirondack lakes, various CA Channel Island swims, Lake Geneva, and Lake Lucerne.

    Although I'm up for anything!
    Great to meet all of you and huge thanks to Evan for maintaining this discussion.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin

    Sorry I'm a bit late on this: Welcome to the following new Forum members who joined us during the month of May!

    @westius, @Lori, @Julia001, @Jhl, @JamesR, @gia1223, @skinner, @KimPurcell, @westy85, @reilly, @miso, @reslawa, @Margaret, @earnd193, @blaikogle, @swim85, @AliSwims, @Openh2o

  • PasqualePasquale Trento, ItalyMember

    Hi All, I am preparing for my first 5 km sea swim. I am going to cross the Messina strait on the 5th of August, would like to know from other members if they already did this race or similar and what is their experience. I think my training plan is enough for the distance... I build up from 8-10Km a week to 15Km per week divided in 4 to 5 sessions.. which I am holding since 2 weeks.. Recently I start swimming in the lake as the temperatures allows it and I already did a couple of 5Km swim. My time is 55 mn for a 3km in the pool.. I try to do at least 1 session with 1 km of 200mt and 100mt sprints. I don't use any tool like pull-boy and paddlers..

    I will try to get as many swim in the sea as possible in the next month but will not have to many chances. I was born in t south-Italy I am used to swim in the sea since I was a kid

    Water temperature should be well above 21 degree at that time in the year so I am not doing any special training for cold.. My only fear are the jelly-fish

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    hi pasquale, sounds like you'll be well prepared for the swim. Good luck.

  • mke84mke84 Milwaukee, WIMember

    Hi all! Newbie here - former high school and mediocre college swimmer, though that was 10+ years ago. I'm from Wisconsin and have done a few of the shorter open water races around here (Madison Open Water Swim, Big Swell Swim, Big Shoulders) for the past few years. Never really trained hard for them, my goal was pretty much just to have a good time and finish. This year I'm doing Swim to the Moon in August and am pretty excited (and nervous!) about the distance. Right now I'm swimming ~3 times a week doing 2000-3000 yards with a mix of drills and interval work, and then a long swim on Sundays, with increasing yardage each week (most recently 4500yd). I'm way behind where I was hoping to be with training due to grad school and work, but am hoping it'll be ok. I have a lot of learn and practice in the next 6-7 weeks, but I can already tell that finding this forum will be way more beneficial than all my random googling, reading blogs, and reddit has been.

  • JillianJillian Los Banos, CAMember

    I'm not actually a swimmer. I'm lucky that I am fluffy because fat floats. I am, however, a swim mom. I'm the taxi driver, the cheerleader, the paycheck spending, expensive suit buying, sleeping in the car during early morning pool practice, kayaking with coffee during early morning open water swim practice mom. If there was Water-lovers Anonymous group, my son would not only be a client, but the president.

    A typical day for us consists of getting to the lake at 530am for a nice 3 mile swim. By 7 we are flying to the car, throwing the kayak in and rushing home to shower and make it to school on time. After school is filled with 2 hours of high school water polo and then 2 hours of Club swim. Swimming is what he looks forward to. Not swimming is our punishment.... and let me tell you... telling the kid he doesn't get to swim for whatever reason is the biggest threat in our home.

    He's been dabbling in the world of open water swimming for about 3.5 years, doing most of his swimming in the SF Bay. He's getting ready for his 10th Sharkfest and his 2nd Tiburon Mile. He's done a few private swims with the longest distance of 6.5 miles. Next month he is going to attempt the Viking 10.5 in Tahoe and next year do the width and then the length. He keeps us busy and broke but it's what he loves to do.

    I look forward to learning so much more from these forums as I still consider us relatively new to the sport. We've met some amazing people through the last few years and I don't regret letting him do his first open water swim (Alcatraz) at the ripe age of 8.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this group!

  • flystormsflystorms Memphis, TNSenior Member

    Wow, 8?! He caught the OW bug early.

  • JillianJillian Los Banos, CAMember

    Yes. I was secretly hoping and praying we would be the "one and done" family. I allowed him to do it because I 100% thought he would hate it and would tell me where to go if I ever brought up even going on a family trip to the beach.

    The only thing I was 100% in was being wrong. His first words to me when he ran through that finishers chute was, "When's the next one?" Now here I am helping him plan his first trip across Tahoe before he's even hit puberty.

  • ruthruth New Jersey, USAMember


    I live in Central New Jersey and am training for my first two 10k swims in mid-September (Spuyten Duyvil and Swim for the Potomac)--back to back weeks because I'm a glutton for punishment :D

    I did my first OW swim in early June (a one mile swim in the Delaware Bay) and have decided to give it a go--I've got a summer of (mostly) progressively longer swims leading up to my 10k's. So far, I've swum long enough to get chafed (yay?) and done a long enough pool swim to get congratulated by the lifeguard (8k scy).

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    Hello! I am not really new. Have lurked around and gleaned information for quite a while. That information helped me place second in the FKCC Swim around Key West last weekend, so Thank You everyone! I do have a newbie question however. What are MSF Documented swims? Are these training swims, or solo swims that people get recorded?

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
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    Hi @MLamby, thanks for your question.

    MSF Documented Swims are formally observed and documented solo swims undertaken in bodies of water that do not have a local sanctioning organization (e.g., CSA and CSPF for English Channel swims, or CCSF for Catalina Channel swims, or NYOW for Manhattan swims).

    More info:

  • Joined in March but been lurking shyly until now! I’m one of those people who have always been able to swim (literally - apparently I crawled into the shallow water before I could walk and sat there grinning and waving happily underwater while my poor mother must have been having a heart attack...). I never got into pool or competitive swimming though, it’s always been about swimming outdoors, but in recent middle-aged years I’ve discovered the joy of longer distance open water swimming. I’m at the ‘getting comfortable with 10k’ swims stage and hope to keep pushing it up, purely for my own satisfaction and enjoyment (I’m such a swim-tortoise it’s a good thing I’m not so competitive!). Finding this forum really useful for newbie advice and information

  • KatieKatie Charlotte, NCMember

    Thanks @evmo! Looking forward to drawing from the depth of experience this group provides as I ramp up my OWS adventures. All these posts on social media about the Channel crossings in Catalina and the English Channel are causing a serious case of FOMO over here.

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    Don't underestimate yourself Kathryn. Your story is a bit like mine. I have ALWAYS been more comfortable in the water than on land. I did triathlons, but always enjoyed swimming the most. I never even knew there was such a thing as marathon swimming. Then my knee problems made running and cycling impossible (I am having a full replacement on the 19th) and I turned solely to swimming. Like you, I also felt that I was a plodder or a one speed wonder. My wife would even tell people " he's not fast, but he just gets after it." But after two years, and really only the past nine months of real training, I did Key West in a little over six hours. I also soloed Lake Geneva Wisconsin twice. Stick with it, take all the advice from these awesome people that you can, and you will even surprise yourself! All the best.

  • Hi all ow friends!
    Whot can i sey for me? My english is poor and i like a swim a lot!)) Ow swimming is my passion.but i swim in pool !)) In my city havent openwater!
    From few years i have one dream to swim Catalina! Bigges dream! I hoppe one day..!))
    If i can i swam every day( one day 1km.another day 2 or8km))
    Depend from my free time.but always for fun!
    Ps this year i swam key west! For me all was great! Great ow swim! Very hot water.but nice! I Maybe i can swim more fast in KW.but nevarmine time and place for me( i swam 4.14) Most important is fun! All was cool in Key West for me!)
    Ok i will stop for now( go to studying english))

    Can samebody sey me how much cost escort boat for my dream Catalina? I plan swim chanel befor my 70 birtday!))
    Thk in advance friends!
    Good luck to all ow swimmer

  • MLambyMLamby Senior Member

    Hey Open H20! Congrats on your awesome time in Key West! I did the event held two weeks after the one you did (FKCC sponsored). Your event had much faster times. AND...he's being humble, people. 3rd place overall!!! Outstanding time, and congrats!!

  • glennglenn cape town SAMember

    well done and all the best coopswim

  • PaigeKiedingPaigeKieding Santa Barbara, CaliforniaMember

    Hey, I'm Paige! I've swam competitively in the pool for years now but I'm fairly new to open water swimming (in fact, I just completed my first 10k ocean swim last weekend)! The marathon swimming community is amazing- everyone is SO supportive. I've been reading this forum for the past few years and it has helped me tremendously with my swims, so I figured it was time to actually become a member! I have my sights set on swimming from Anacapa island to the mainland next year- I think this site will be a great tool!

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