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I'm interested in hearing how much fluid consumption the group does per hour on a long swim over, say, 8 hours? I'm asking because I have trouble consuming enough fluid to feed on longer swims and am wondering the groups' experiences. Trying to set an amount for which to target my fluid 'training'. The answer isn't 'whatever works for me' because...it doesn't 'work for me' that great over about 8 hours (I know the reason but don't want to get into it here).



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    The reason people say whatever works for you is that the liquid requirements vary a lot by situation. Temperature is going to dictate the fluid requirements to a large degree.
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    I was generally going about every 12 minutes taking in about 1/3 of what you can get in a "red cup". I've never actually measured the volume. My big thing is dehydration. I would keep things pretty close together early on and then spread them out to 15-20 minutes if my hydration was on mark. Hot water swims like Key West had me bringing in the same amount per feed, but down to every 8 minutes. Towards the end of a race (if things are going well) I usually drop out the carbo or electrolyte drinks, and just take on a little water. I've been lucky to only barf on a few occasions. I would follow that up with straight water to "re-boot" (pun intended) my system.

    If you feel like you need to take on more, it's already too late and your wheels are about to come off. You're likely going to get a visit from the Cramp and/or Bonk Fairies. Old friends of mine, BTW.
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    Good point re temp, Kevin...almost all of my swimming is cold water; 53 to 65 degrees F.
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    @Mike_H123 This is determined by the environment, as a warm water swim (Hawaii) or cold water (Ireland) has different requirements. All things constant, I personally average 12-oz of hot or cold liquid every 30-minutes, along with my typical solids or gels I feed with. I've known swimmers who take in more, or less. As with all advice, practice makes perfect, but I have found that 24-oz of liquid/hour has worked the best for me. Train with your fluid intake while swimming open water, and the pool, as well as if you are doing any cross-training (running, cycling, climbing) as well. Training your body to get used to taking in a certain fluid amount every 30-minutes has worked for me over the years. Hope that helps-

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

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    How relevant do you think the problem of over-hydration in running is to open water swimming?

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