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Hello there.
We are about to organize a 30 and a 60 minute race at a swimming pool in Greece (Pireaus)
and we would like to ask you as experts about the distance recording procedure.
(what I mean is "how we can record the overall distance each athlete have done")
If you took part or organized similar races at your countries please help us with that issue.
We know that this is a not marathonswimming issue but any help or point of view will be great


  • You need a lap counter for each lane. Whistle blows, swimmers take off, and the lap counters count laps, including the fraction completed when time is up. Winner is the swimmer with most laps completed in the time frame.
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    Check out the rules for the United States Masters Swimming 1-Hour Postal event at They lay out the rules pretty well. There's also a sheet available where you take splits every 50 yards/meters (this event is in a short course pool). When the time is up, the official counter/timer marks where the swimmer was at the end.

    Hope this helps.

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