Rottnest Channel Swim West Australia - Live news coverage

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Questions for the Australians in this group: is there a source for live coverage of the Rottnest Channel Swim event? Checked the Rottnest FB and Twitter accounts but nothing. Googling the didn t bring much either. Thanks.


  • Thanks, Evan:)
  • Awesome, exactly what I was looking for!
  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
  • Oh wow... some pic! I'm enjoying picking up news here and there. Must be an amazing to participate in, even as a spectator.
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    Great, great picture indeed!
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    Wow that picture is amazing!
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    I honestly believe this is the best mass participation marathon swim in the world. Very accessible yet challenging distance (~12 miles), warm water (~70F) and the energy you get by being surrounded by hundreds of other swimmers. Plus you can walk straight into the pub still in your speedos straight after finishing :-)
    flystorms - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

  • We had a blog and a tracking map going for the family and friends back home...

    It was a great day, awesome weather...It was my first time and i cant speak highly enough of this event. I highly recommend this swim for marathon swimmers. The solo swimmers are treated extremely well indeed, far better than any other event i have swum in.
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    Congrats on your swim @Kane ! - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

  • Kane - I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    There are a few questions I would love to ask you.
    Well done on your successful swim its such a great accomplishment.
  • Nice video of the 2014 Rottnest Channel Swim highlights.


    P.S. 1st post after lurking for ~12 months. A few 5k races and my first 10k this summer.
    Planning/training for Rotto 2015.
  • Fire away David...happy to share anything you wish to know about the swim, my prep, etc.
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    Congrats, @Kane! You well deserve your white cap!

    A good friend of mine was swimming with you and found the race very hard. He got totally sunburnt, had multiple jelly stings and vomited most of the 6H26 he swam. It was his second time doing the race and swears he won't do it again! Lol!

    I'd like to try Rottnest some day, but in a team:)
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