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HI folks, I am a bit of a newbie here so so please be gentle, I am off to lanza next week on a cycling based holiday but would love to keep up my swiming too.
Curently do around 15-24k a week of pool work, but i think I am only going to have round shaped pools of unidenteifle distances, so was wondering about OW sea swimming this time of year. I do have a wetsuit but am not in the same ilk as you guys,and do not like the cold at all. I am a bit skiney at 78kg and 193cm so was wondering if any one could give a bit of advice on the posssibilety of this.Please excuse my spelling by the way. Ta


  • Depends where you go on the island . Club La Santa has a 50 metre pool , but the sea is not suitable for swimming there . Lots of surf . I generally stay in Puerto Del Carmen and use the beach in front of The Fariones Hotel . Nice swim up and down the coast . Water temp this time of the year is generally between 14 and 18 but usually around 16+ so plenty warm enough .
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    @HAMMERHEAD I was in Lanzarote over Christmas (Costa Teguise), and for the past few years at the same time of year in Playa Blanca. The water temp was lovely this year (c. 20 degrees, I reckon, at least) - my (pretty lean) partner, who rarely swims without a wetsuit was swimming for over an hour without a wetsuit with not so much as a shiver during or afterwards. So either with or without a wetsuit, I'm sure you'd be fine. Both locations have good, boat-free swimming areas with plenty of easy exit points. Get in touch if you want any more specific suggestions for good swim locations. Give it a go - it's lovely out there.
  • Thanks for the imformation guys so around 16 degrees average which will be fine for me in wetsuit and shorter swims without.
    Kevin, Puerto Del Carmen is where I am going so pleased to hear that there is good swimming there.
  • Wow thanks for all the imfo, just to let you know i did a short one , no wetsuit, felt OK but got very shivery about 20mins after getting out, couple of hour long ones with suit felt fine, it is a great swimming venue with very clear water and a few bouys dotted arouond so there is a course to follow, bonus was spotting a varairty of fish and an octopus
  • @hammerhead . Glad you enjoyed it . I forgot to mention the fish which get more colourful as you swim past the reef towards Matagorda ! But yes , its a great swimming spot .
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