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Trying to track down someone who has knowledge of Moosehead Lake (cell phone coverage? possible route for length? local connections?) in ME. It seems like 2 people have swum it in 2000 and 2003 but a preliminary search does not turn up any contact info for either one of them. Any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you...


  • I was just talking about swimming Moosehead with a fellow Mainer a few months ago. There was some discussion about there being an organized swim of it this year. I'm trying to remember who wanted to organize it. I think it was Lifeflight of Maine. They organized a great swim to Islesboro last summer. Are you on Facebook? I can PM you the person with whom I was discussing it.

    I don't have much local knowledge of it since I live several hours south.
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    Sounds like fun! Let us know if you learn anything. I would be interested.
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    Thanks folks- I am continuing to research and have some good leads on local info!
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    I can't weigh in on Moosehead as I've never been but send any questions about Sebago Lake or southern Maine my way.
    Also, I would be interested in that organized Moosehead swim. It would be a good excuse to finally get up there.
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    haigoo wrote:
    Hello Mainers! Sorry to crash in on this old thread, but as a new member I cannot create new postings yet... I'm planning a swim next month from Rockland to North Haven; looking to land in either Bartlett Harbor (~9 miles) or Pulpit Harbor (~11.5 miles).

    I live a few hours south of there and am not much of a current expert, but you might want to get in touch with the Lifeflight folks. They organize a nice swim from Lincolnville to Islesboro which is just north of Rockland/North Haven. They could probably connect you with someone who knows the area a little better.

    When are you planning on doing the swim? I would think there would be a fair amount of boat traffic.

    If you'd like to swim near the Portland area, just let me know.
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    Are you on Facebook? I just thought of another resource. There is a group called Midcoast Open Water Swimmers. It's a small group that doesn't get a lot of traffic, but the people in it are experienced with that area. I know there is someone who was planning on swimming Rockland to Owls Head. That's not a long route (2 miles maybe), but it does cut across the Vinalhaven ferry route.

    The water up that way can be COLD. Rockland is usually fine (60ish), but I know it can get very chilly farther out (sub-50).

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be on Mt Desert Island that week so wouldn't be able to swim with you (unless you want to come to MDI - not that much farther up the road). But I would recommend swimming at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough. You can swim parallel to the shore for miles. Round trip to the OOB pier and back is ~5 miles. I think if you went all the way to the breakwater at the south end of Saco in the area they call Camp Ellis, it would be ~12 miles round-trip. You can obviously turn around anywhere you want and head back, or go to the pier and back twice for 10ish. Pine Point Beach has a big parking lot (free before 8:30ish), bathrooms, showers, and a snack bar.

    Water temp was 58 this morning. Unlike some other places, Pine Point is swimmable at any tide.
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