2013 Solo Swims of the Year: Wendy Trehiou and Sylvain Estadieu

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After nearly 140 years, the English Channel retains its status as a proving ground for the world's greatest endurance athletes. After nearly 2,000 solo swims, it is still possible to be amazed by what humans can achieve in the 21 miles between England and France.

This year the members of the Marathon Swimmers Forum voted two English Channel swims as the most outstanding solo swims of the year. But these were not just any English Channel swims.

On August 20-21, Wendy Trehiou swam from England to France and back to England in 39 hours, 9 minutes.

On September 23, Sylvain Estadieu swam from England to France - using only the butterfly stroke - in 16 hours 42 minutes. He was the first man to accomplish this.

Both swims were sanctioned by the Channel Swimmers & Piloting Federation. Wendy and Sylle join fellow CS&PF swimmer Trent Grimsey (2012 male solo swim of the year) as a MSF hono(u)ree.

Wendy's and Sylle's fellow marathon swimmers found these to be the most impressive feats of the year in their sport.

Congratulations to both - and to their fellow finalists.

[Photos #3 & 4 courtesy of LoneSwimmer]

Barra Awards & Service to Marathon Swimming Awards to be announced shortly.

For more information about the MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards, and the 2013 finalists, see here:



  • SylleSylle SwedenMember
    Wow, thank you very much for this honour. I really did not see this one coming, especially after not quite achieving my actual goal ... On Christmas Eve, my family asked me how the vote(s) was(were) going, I just told them about my fellow nominees, their swimming among sharks and facing actual cold water for half a day. There have been so many huge swims this year, I still can't comprehend how anyone would vote for mine. This isn't fake modesty, I always thought doing a butterfly crossing would be "cool", otherwise I wouldn't have tried it! But to get this kind of recognition, "Wow!" again :)

    A Happy new year and loads of smooth butterflying to you all!
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