Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Will be spending a week in northern Uruguay between Christmas and New Years and would love to do some OW training there. Would appreciate any OW swimmer contacts or groups there, or also any advice or precautions for swimming in this neck of the ocean! Muchas gracias!


  • Am answering my own question, in case anyone in the future would be interested!

    The coast north of Punta del Este, Uruguay (near to Jose Ignacio/Garzón) is a beautiful and relatively safe place to swim. There are no sharks and no dangerous currents. The water in December was a warm 20ºC. There are jellyfish present, but they are more prevalent later in the summer and more common in the calmer waters south of Punta apparently. Saw a few of the not-so-dangerous varieties washed up on the beach but did not run into any during the swims. Actually didn't see much of anything in the water - no fish, no seaweed. There are turtles and sea lions which live in the area, but apparently neither are dangerous to swimmers. No OW swimming groups either, but all of the lifeguards in the various beaches were quite helpful.

    My training swims there along this beautiful coastline were uneventful but pleasant!
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    Thanks @MarkD. Great to have this info in this wonderful database!

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