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Having come back to piloting swimmers on the North Channel after a 20 year break, it has been extremely satisfying to see some remarkable achievements this past season, 2 of which have been nominated for female and male swimmer of the year, very well deserved.
Fergal Somerville swam in June, the earliest swim ever in probably the coldest water ever, a truly fantastic effort.
Michelle Macy had an unsuccessful attempt in 2012 but came back this year with a superb effort and early jokes of lunch in portpartick were looking like a reality by noon. her record time was another remarkable achievement.
other swimmers this season were defeated, "failure" is not a word to associate with the North Channel and none should consider they failed.
Milko Van Gool came to have a go, by his own admission not a fast swimmer or out for any records, but he succeeded in taking the male record for fastest time.
Pat gallant-Charette swam for 16 hours and was within less than a mile of the finish when adverse tides simply beat her, heartbreaking to have to stop when so close to a finish, a gallant attempt worthy of recognition.
She intends returning.
To all of them and those who did not make it, WELL DONE.


  • Fantastic achievements from all swimmers. They're making the crossing look easy, that's how good they are.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Mem​ber
    Hey @Quinton, now that you are a member, how you feel about a Q&A here from people? We could start a new Q&A thread, and you could answer when you get a chance over a few days?

    For many members this would their first chance to talk to / ask questions of a such a hugely experienced pilot, (and the North Channel no less).

  • no problem with info, but probably better for them to contact me direct
  • Fair play to you Quinton. You have been a fantastic support on my North Channel challenges in 2012 and 2013. I am very proud of my North Channel crossing and I am deeply indebted to you for your continuuing support and encouragement. Your enthusiasm and experience are fantastic and I am happy to reccommend you to any/all aspirants; even some of whom might consider taking me on the boat to participate in their success. I wish you all the success in the coming years. Your route, that you have developed and mastered, over the past year will produce more success in 2014 and you will be reflected in that success.
  • MvGMvG Brussels (BE) and Lith (NL)Charter Member
    Couldn't agree more. Thanks Quinton!
  • MvGMvG Brussels (BE) and Lith (NL)Charter Member
    I should add that I particularly like Quinton's point of including those who did not make it across. This is such a beastly swim that some unsuccessful crossings easily rank, in my view, with the best of the successful ones when it comes to grit and heroic determination.
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    Well said @Fergal and @MvG! Hope to be back summer 2014 to crew for a friend - loved my time up there! @Quinton, question, how many people do you already have signed up for next year? Just wondering...
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • Hey fellas, I work for Quinton now. I am happy to help anyone coming to take on the North Channel. So, anyone out there give me a call, drop me a line. If I can be of any help I'll be delighted to oblige.
  • johnyGjohnyG Dublin Ireland Member
    Hey Fergal I'd like to have a chat about it... Maybe after Christmas I'll get in touch with yea ,,, have a wonderful one ..
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