New marathon swim in Virginia

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Wanted to let everyone know of a new marathon swim (10 miles) in Midlothian, Virginia next year. Peluso Open Water will hold a 10-mile marathon (as well as a 5-miler) on 4 October 2014. Details forthcoming as they are currently updating their website. They are offering a prize purse to attract the elites.

Also, the Peluso folks run a series of 1500m open water swims throughout the season, and this year the series will culminate with an interesting swim, the Glow Swim. From the director:
The Glow Swimmers will swim 500-meter heats on a lighted-buoyed course covered by kayaks with glow sticks and glow lights. The swimmers will be wearing glow in the dark caps as well as glow sticks and glow body paint. If you are in the top two of your heat you move on to the next round. The finals will be in pitch-black with all the above stated glow and safety protocols. Our venue has a great view from above the water so the visual should be amazing.

For more info, keep an eye on the website ( or email them at

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  • What about a prize purse for the non- elites? :)
  • Love seeing new, long swims being developed! Sounds like fun...
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Haha, that's funny, @suziedods thinking she's not elite. ;)

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  • Thanks for posting this Mike, we are updating the site with all of the new info.
    There is a $5,000 prize purse which is NOT dedicated to the elites. Payouts will be split evenly between male and female and the field is limited to 25 of each gender. We want to bring some attention to open water swimming in the mid-atlantic region and we think this is a good way to do it. Speedo is on board as our course sponsor along with some other brands you may recognize so hopefully we can really get the word out.
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    I was reminded of this swim after Steve recently posted about it:

    Pretty cool to have a prize-money OW race outside the FINA circuit. Question, though: Are wetsuit swimmers eligible for the prize money? The DNOWS article says the cash is split evenly between men and women... but no mention of wetsuit vs. non-wetsuit.

    I really hope the non-wetsuit swimmers aren't having to compete against wetsuit swimmers. The promotional poster featuring a bunch of wetsuit swimmers is a worrying sign...
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    @jpeluso, can you answer @evmo's question?

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  • There will be no wetsuits in the 10-miler. The field is small. 25 Men/ 25 Women.
    There will be wetsuits in the 5-miler if conditions allow for it. Those awards are separated. I appreciate Steve posting about that race but I do want to clarify that you do NOT need to be a pro or even super fast to race. Send in an application and tell us why you swim marathon distance open water. Are you swimming for a cause, moving up in distance, overcoming a life obstacle, or just an avid open water lover? All reasons we've heard and are offering entries to. First round of accepted athletes comes out on Mar 21.
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    @jpeluso's new marathon swim is advertised in the latest (Apr/May) issue of H2Open.


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  • Doing our best to get the word out that there is prize money to be had here on the East Coast of the U.S. Remember - you don't have to be fast to get into the event though.
    The photo is a little misleading as we've figured out - no wetsuits for the 10-miler.
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    That picture is typical of almost all OW swim ads in H2Open.

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  • Cole_GCole_G PhiladelphiaMember
    Out of curiosity, is anyone attending the Cold Water, Fast Current 1500m race that Peluso Open Water is hosting this weekend?
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Sadly, I am a little too far from Richmond at this time. By about 7800km.

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • Great job this weekend Cole. Only guy without a wetsuit in 58 water and 14.7kcfs current and finishing 3d male overall. Very impressive swim.
  • Cole_GCole_G PhiladelphiaMember
    Thanks Jay, the race was a ton of fun! Definitely the toughest 1500m I have ever swum. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series (and hopefully the Bridge and Back 10 miler if I can make it).
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