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Just putting it out there to any ocean swimmers who live in Sydney. I am swimming the Rottnest challenge in Feb but before I do I have 2 weeks of ocean swimming practice at or around Bondi from 3 Jan - i am from Canberra. If u r in the Sydney area or would just like a few long swims early in the new year I would greatly appreciate the company in numbers right!

If u r interested pls email me at and we can arrange a day time. Most days there are both morning and afternoon sets planned. To anyone who can make it I will buy the after swim coffees as a thank you!!!

If anyone knows of any Sydney groups training for the race i would be interested joining them too.


p.s. most of my swim sets are 5-8km with a couple in the second week up to 12km.


  • Hey Kane,

    Can't help you with the training but I'm from Canberra too. Did you do the Sri Chinmoy Lake swim the other weekend?
  • paulmpaulm Senior Member
    Hi Kane, Reach out to Vlad swimmers there are a few members on this site . You will find on FB or They have a few members doing Rotto and will I am sure have a few training sessions around the time you mentioned.

    Its a great race ! Good Luck

  • Hi Kane! I'm from sydney, do a bit of swimming and my squad is vladswim. Its ace. We have 15 Rotto solos heading over so plenty of like minded souls to train with. Come join us! :)
  • Kellie, sure did...that was my qualifying swim. It was such a nice day, with lots of very polite and happy swimmers. I love supporting the Sri Chimnoy events...they are so professional yet so casual about the whole thing.

    Kellie, Do you get out and do much in the lakes or longer sets in the pool? If you are up for a decent swim let me know through email (i am northside):

    PaulM, Torgoman...thanks i had forgotten all about these guys. I just contacted Charm and they have their own Rottnest qualifying swim on next weekend. I might just come down for the day have a swim and then meet the ladies and gents heading to WA in Feb.

    Thanks guys
  • Kane: I don't swim the distances you do but I am aiming to do the 5k Sri Chinmoy Lake Swim in February. I'd love to swim in the lakes more but i'm too scared to go it alone and no-one I know wants to join me. I'm going away over Christmas but I'll get in touch after I'm back to maybe organise a dip.

    Enjoy your time in Sydney. Bondi has a much nicer underwater view than Lake BG!
  • Hi Kellie...i am more than happy to join you in the lake, especially if you are not comfortable going by yourself. I am in there this Sunday 8am and 5pm at Yarralumla Bay for a practise with my paddlers for Rottnest. Both sessions we are doing 3 x 2km loops from across to Black Mountain, around Scrivener Island. Please come along for one or more of the loops. Just stop me (yell at me as i am a bit deaf) on one of the loops, we have a blue Kayak, and i have a black swim cap, black jammers. It will be nice to swim with someone likeminded in our muddy piece of paradise!

    TorgoMan...i came down for the Balmoral swim last weekend. What a nice swim although i found myself, with about 10 others a bit off course on the first lap when the wind came up. We all went for a larger orange buoy to the north of the actual turn buoy. Very funny and we all had a great laugh while the lifeguard madly waving at us a couple of hundred metres away to come over!! Great bunch of guy and girls and very relaxed...i was impressed and will contact Charm in the NY for some Ocean swim times.
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