Global Marathon Swimming Awards 2013 - FINALISTS

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@loneswimmer and I are pleased to announce the finalists for the Second Annual MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards - the only peer-nominated, peer-voted awards for the sport of marathon swimming.

The finalists are as follows (listed alphabetically by first name):

Solo Swim of the Year (Female) - the single most outstanding solo marathon swim by a female in 2013.
  • Michelle Macy - North Channel record
  • Sarah Thomas - first-ever two-way Lake Memphremagog crossing
  • Wendy Trehiou - two-way English Channel
Solo Swim of the Year (Male) - the single most outstanding solo marathon swim by a male in 2013.
  • Fergal Somerville - North Channel in June (earliest ever)
  • Ned Denison - False Bay crossing, South Africa
  • Sylvain Estadieu - English Channel butterfly
The Barra Award (Female) - the female marathon swimmer with the most impressive body of work, considered as a whole, in 2013.
  • Anna Wardley (Cabrera Channel, Round Jersey, Round Tiree, Isle of Wight)
  • Anna-Carin Nordin (Cook Strait, North Channel, first woman to complete Oceans Seven)
  • Kimberley Chambers (Molokai Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Catalina Channel, English Channel)
  • Sarah Thomas (first Lake Tahoe two-way, first Lake Memphremagog two-way, S.C.A.R.)
The Barra Award (Male) - the male marathon swimmer with the most impressive body of work, considered as a whole, in 2013.
  • Darren Miller (Cook Strait, North Channel, S.C.A.R., first American man to complete Oceans Seven)
  • John Walker (Catalina Channel, Lake Tahoe lengthwise, English Channel)
  • Mo Siegel (S.C.A.R. Challenge, 3 stages of 8 Bridges, Cape Cod Bay, Tsugaru attempt)
Service to Marathon Swimming Award
  • Allison Bayne and Rob Dumouchel - supporting, crewing, observing, and organizing swims in Southern & Central California
  • Eri Utsunomiya - Crewing, kayaking, observing, and volunteering for NYC-area swims and swimmers. Coordinator of Tsugaru Channel swims.
  • Phil White - Founder of Northeast Kingdom OW Swimming Association and chief organizer of Kingdom Swim & expanding series of OWS events in Vermont, USA.
  • Dover Beach crew - Freda Streeter, Barrie & Irene Wakeham, et al.
Finalists were selected on the basis of the support their nomination received from the forum community, as measured by "likes." The only exceptions to this rule were: (1) Only one of Sarah Thomas' swims is a female-Solo finalist, though both swims received much community support & admiration. This is so she doesn't split her own vote. (2) Anna-Carin Nordin was added by the Admins to the female Barra Award finalists, for reasons @loneswimmer will explain shortly.

Voting will begin in the next couple of days. All forum members registered as of November 1st will receive an email containing a link to the voting website. The link will have a unique token, which can only be used by the intended forum member, and can only be used once. This is to ensure the integrity of the vote.

Any questions? Please ask them here.


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    The MSF Awards process is intended to recognise both specific swims, and swimmers. We believe it is both robust and flexible.
    Anna-Carin Nordin was not included in the original nominations, but her quiet achievement of being the first woman to complete the Ocean's Seven in 2013 with her successful crossing of the North Channel, though the majority of her swims occurred before 2013, warrants her inclusion with the three other nominees as selected by the forum members, for this year and category.

    We believe that forum members will agree. Voting in the category for Female Barra Award therefore is between four finalists. Otherwise the voting process will proceed as with the other categories.

    We congratulate all the nominees and finalists!

  • Thank you well written!
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    Vote emails will go out tomorrow morning, Tuesday 10 December 2013. Emails will be staggered by time zone, so you should receive it in the morning, no matter where you are located in the world.

    Only members registered before November 1, 2013 are eligible to vote.

    If you don't receive the email and think you should have, first check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, send an email to

    If you have any problems with the voting website, send an email to

    Sorry this took longer than anticipated to set up. It's actually quite a lot of work.
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    Forum members in Australia and New Zealand should have already received their voting emails. Let me know if you haven't (

    ALSO, I should mention we implemented a new feature in the Awards voting this year: randomized answer choices. In other words, some people will see Michelle Macy listed first for Female Solo Swim of the Year; others will see Sarah Thomas listed first; and others will see Wendy Trehiou listed first. It's random!

    OR, some people will see Wendy Trehiou listed first; others will see Sarah Thomas listed first; others will see Michelle Macy listed first. :)

    Reasons why this matters:

    (Full disclosure: I took a class in Survey Methodology a long time ago from the 2nd author, Jon Krosnick.)
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    All pre-November 1 Forum members from GMT east to the international date line should have received their voting emails. Let me know if there were any snafus (

    East Coast USA will start getting them in a few hours (and so forth...).

    See here for a list of all the nominees with their citations & links, exactly as they read on the voting website:
  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    All eligible Forum members (registered pre-November 1) should have received their voting emails by now.

    If you didn't receive one, will you please let me know?
  • I find it a tough call- In the case of the Solo Swim of the Year (Male) I am stumped. All three swims deserve to be recognized as a solo swim of the year. they really do, as they were so extraordinary. Some other categories were related to my own interactions e.g. Dover crew etc. so it was clear for me and easier to decide. But, I believe everyone nominated deserves a merit badge, and for that matter, anyone who has ever taken on a body of water is in my book- special. Good luck everyone! Applause, applause applause!

    Sisu: a Finnish term meaning strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    If you have not voted yet, but intend to, please do so now.

    The pattern of responses over time suggests that almost everyone who wants to vote, has voted. I will likely close down the survey before the originally-stated date of December 31, so we can get on with announcing the winners.

    We've had a good turnout this year - even better than last year. Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to honor this year's incredible swims & swimmers.
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