Conditioning in cold air

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We all talk about the benefits of cold water acclimatisation, but what are the benefits of acclimatising to cold air? If this is even possible.


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    Forum member @lecummins is notorious amongst Sandycovers for walking around Cork in the snow in the bad 2010 winter while wearing flip-flops and a skirt and t-shirt. So it's possible, but beyond me.

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    I can confirm that 6 deg water is balmy when the air temp is minus.
    I can also confirm that flip flops and shorts year round are possible, if you don't mind the strange looks when you're out and about.
    Cold air exposure does help in building up your cold water acclimation. You need to embrace the cold, not fight it. Personally I don't see any point in living in a warm environment if you are trying to push your ability in cold water. You may not have a choice, but it doesn't help.
  • I'm big on the t-shirts and shorts in the winter and cycling to work in my suit (sans jacket) in -20C. It's significantly easier than finding a 55F body of water for me.
  • I'm out of the water for a few months due to some shoulder, among other tactics, I'm keeping my acclimatization up by doing cold walks in shorts & t-shirt in Seattle's rain, mostly pre-dawn when it's coldest. Definitely bracing, and a generator of strange looks from passers-by, but it's better than losing my cold acclimatization during recovery...
  • Thanks folks looks like I may be out in the back yard hoseing myself down in the cold. Will also practice quickly getting dressed again.
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