Veljko Rogošić - longest ocean swim ever?

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Doesn't belong in a thread about "proven frauds." No reason I'm aware of to doubt the authenticity of this swim.


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    Very interesting!

    Hopefully Steven Munatones will clarify this. After all, he is a paid adviser to the Guinness Book, representing the sport of open water swimming. I believe he is the only such paid adviser for OWS. My impression is that the Guinness Book does have at least some standards for documentation. But given recent events, you just never know...
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    He was 63 when he did the EC with the fourth fastest time for anyone over the age of 50. He was still fast only four years earlier.

    1) 32. Otto Thaning (South Africa), 53, E/F in 10:29 in 1994
    2) 63. Jim Bayles (USA), 50, E/F in 10:59 in 2002

    3) 57. Nancy Steadman-Martin (USA), 50, E/F in 11:20 in 2004
    4) 9. Veljko Rogosic (Croatia), 63, E/F in 11:27 in 2004
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