CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - 2013 Solo Swim of the Year (male)

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The Second Annual MSF Global Marathon Swimming Awards are upon us!

Please submit your nominations for outstanding solo marathon swim by a male in 2013, by commenting on this thread.

Please, only one nomination per comment. Individual forum members may contribute more than one nomination, but please try to spread them out if possible so others have the opportunity to nominate.

To submit a private nomination, send a PM to the Admins ( @evmo and/or @loneswimmer) and we will submit it on your behalf.

The following types of swims are not eligible to be nominated as Solo Swim of the Year:

Stage swims
Swims shorter than 10 kilometers
Swims without an independent observer
Uncompleted swims (DNF's)
Swims that violate the generally accepted rules of traditional marathon swimming, e.g.,
- Use of any swim costume or device that improves speed, buoyancy, or heat retention (beyond that provided by a single porous, textile swimsuit, single non-neoprene cap, goggles, grease, and earplugs).
- Supportive contact with people or watercraft during the swim.

If you agree with a nomination and want to "second" it, click the "Like" button on that nomination.

Nominations will remain open through the end of November.

Last year's finalists were:
- Trent Grimsey
- Craig Lenning
- Bill Shipp

Last year's winner was: Trent Grimsey


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