English Channel Crossings (total number of people who have completed crossings )

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Hi All,

Does anyone have any idea of the approximate number of individuals (unique ) who have successfully completed the EC in a relay via csa and cspf under appropriate EC rules. I would prefer unique number if available versus counting multiple crossings...I am just trying to get an idea of the total number of unique people who have successfully completed EC crossings (If someone has solo and relay individual that would be great also ) THANKS !!!


  • Julian Crichtlow has ALOT of this info . Also ck cspf site...cspf.co.uk...
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    Here is the direct link to Julian's downloadable database, one of my favourite documents to play with and probably the best document available on Channel swimming. It includes swims and individual by number (eg I'm 1139, Chloe is 1123). However it is solo only. I haven't seen an equivalent that includes relays.


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