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  • A few answers..
    @ttriven - for the race on Aug 1.. there are 20 spaces total/maximum for swimmers who meet the distance requirement for the 1 HR swim. The Aug 1 race/event could go off with less than 20 swimmers, but not with more.

    The form is here:

    There is no limit per se for the solo dates... but considering there is a 3 person limit for each grouping of dates... there are probably 30 to 40 slots available for soloist.... or 50 to 60 slots total each season.

    @Leadhyena The pricing matrix is complicated. Best to wait until it is posted officially. I think it is nice that there are materially lower approval fees for people who have successfully completed MIMS before or who were unable to finish their last attempt.
    Also.. if you need to change the date due to injury or sickness; the fee structure is much more forgiving as compared to the way it was before.

    With that said, there is sooo much more flexibility now that there are more than just 3 possible dates to swim around Manhattan.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    I went down to the pool in between webinars, and swam at least the minimum (to be considered for aug 1) in an hour. Coach signed off. That's done. I will try to do it faster next month.

    Now I've posted my profile, my event history (including my Catalina crossing this yr), my medical except xray, I posted my 1 hr max distance, and I am working on my essay now. Do I need anything else (crew waivers, etc) before applying? Have I missed anything that I must have today when it goes live?
  • NYCBlueManNYCBlueMan Guest
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    "From NYC Swim.

    Based on the high interest in additional webinars to specifically cover the process, we have delayed for the enrollment to be turned on until Wednesday.


    2015 Enrollment Announcement

    Based on the high interest in having webinars that will specifically cover the enrollment process, we have delayed when the MIMS enrollment will go live.


    Extra Webinars (focus on process) - Registration URL: Click Here

    11 AM - Tuesday, November 25 – New York Time

    06 PM - Tuesday, November 25 – New York Time


    View the last WebinarClick here


    Enrollment goes live

    11 AM - Wednesday, November 26 – New York Time


    Please attempt to finalize your application submission by 9 PM on Saturday; New York time


    Enrollment will be reviewed on a first completed and submitted basis; but please do not ruin your thanksgiving just to complete the enrollment. And yes, we will be somewhat forgiving this year; since we wish to enjoy the holiday as well.


    Dates will be assigned on a rolling basis; upon the receipt of the 1 HR Max Distance information and the event based open water experience is uploaded


    General Timeline

    By January 15, 2015 – Manhattan Enrollments will close

    By March 15, 2015 – Date assignments should be completed

    May 15, 2014 - 4 hr Qualifying Swim Due Date (if needed)

    May 15, 2014- Medical Form Due Date (if needed)


    Qualifying Swim Water Temp Requirements

    Only assigned swims in May, June and Sept will have required max water temp requirements

  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member
    @ttriven - i believe you also have to post a training plan unless you have successfully completed Catalina or the EC. You will also need (not sure about the timing) to have your crew sign up and your planned events for the year.
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    If is the same as the past years you need to designate 1 crew memeber (up to 2) and 1 alternative crew member. It is vital that your designated crew people visit the NYC Swim site and register before 11AM on Wednesday. At one point in submitting your designation it will ask for your crew's email address (if I remember correctly) and if they are not registerred you can't move forward in the application process.
    Once you have submitted your complete application get your crew to quickly accept their volunteer assignments. I stressed out this year when it took over a day to get one of my crew memebers to accept his assignment.
    If I have misremembered someone please correct me.
    Good luck
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    Omg thanks I missed that I've got an hour to do it I'm sweating already.
  • Here we go!
  • Or maybe not... I can't seem to see the event yet?
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    heh not live yet is it.
  • Yeah. I did my 1-hour postal swim last night, in preparation for this submission. I hope it goes live soon.

    By the way, I think that open water ruins you for postal swims. Very very boring hour. :)
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    Oh dear still not live. Getting nervous. This is the 2nd time this week I've asked my family to sit around so I can get the app done.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    yes my postal was not very postal. still recovering from catalina, our whole masters team is doing recovery workouts this month so... on top of that the lifeguard said i had time in my lane, but then moved me with 10 minutes to go into a lane with 2 very slow men. the poor men is all i have to say about that. actually they were quite forgiving. also i can't see my cert for my not very impressive postal anymore. sigh.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    Can anybody see a live link to sign up?
  • I still can't. Getting really frustrated, because if you and I are missing the link yet other people are getting in...

    Really wish we could get an update from NYCSWIM on this.
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    I am on 2 different browsers and can't get the link. Are people really getting to enroll?
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    yeah an update would be good, as in, "it's not live yet." pretty sure if 3 of us can't see it, and no confirmation that someone CAN, we are safe to say it's not live.
  • Me too... not on Firefox or Chrome... I don't think it's a browser issue, went to both ways to enroll (from the profile and from the event page) and neither has a link.
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    I would imagine that there are a lot of pages to update which may be why it is taking extra time. Websites are such a fragile thing when you are playing with them.

    I rebooted and cleared history just in case it is caching an old page version.

    I have been hitting the F5 control buttom to refresh the screens.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    ok deep breaths i will take.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    Enroll as a swimmer. Enroll as a swimmer. Enroll as a swimmer.
  • 2015 Enrollment Announcement
    Enrollment Delay to 1 PM New York Time
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    I just got it to come up! Good luck all!
  • Yeah me too... 1pm was a red herring I guess.
  • j9swimj9swim CharlestonSenior Member
    I'm signed up! Its hard to believe its been only 6 years from a pack a day smoker with no swim experience to applying to swim around Manhattan, I'm so excited. Best of luck to all of us!
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    j9swim that's amazing. Well my name is up there. Hoping it gets approved.
  • My name is there too! woohoo! Now I just have to take care of the medical form. Keep in mind that medical forms are only good for 18 months... I just got bit by this.
  • Oh, and I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but why is it that the day of the race is shown as June 6th as opposed to August 1st?
  • Leadhyena
    Legacy code... when you are assigned a date - the system will show the assigned date.
  • lakespraylakespray Senior Member
    Leadhyena wrote: »
    Yeah. I did my 1-hour postal swim last night, in preparation for this submission. I hope it goes live soon.

    By the way, I think that open water ruins you for postal swims. Very very boring hour. :)
    I remember doing all this last year. I was preliminary accepted but had to have the hour swim in my the end of November. I swam it Thanksgiving Day morning, based on this years rules, just making the race minimum of 3950 meters. I wasn't real happy with my time as in the fall I typically just try to stay minimally fit so I wasn't exactly race ready.

    Anyway good luck!

    FYI not sure how I feel about the race being on August 1st instead of the traditional June date. Kinda takes the whole cold adaption training out of it.

  • NYCBlueManNYCBlueMan Guest
    edited November 2014
    It will be a relatively quiet MIMS season this year; with the delays and the new operating paradigm.
    Nearly everyone who applies this season; will be accommodated.

    So please do not stress out with this year's application. I expect that in 2016, the enrollment stress will unfortunately return.
  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    Thanks @NYCBlueMan for being available to answer questions here on the Forum. This new arrangement seems like a smart adaptation to changed circumstances and ever increasing demand, and promises to help the great MIMS tradition thrive for years to come.
  • ttriventtriven Senior Member
    Is anyone else waiting anxiously? The names are coming off the list, I assume that's a good thing. Something's happening. Trying to be patient.
  • LeadhyenaLeadhyena Member
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    Yeah, my name came off the list, but if I check on MyEvents, I can see that my registration is still active, with an icon whose hover text is "Ready for App Committee". I can't see other's applications though. I think there were about 30-40 applications total, but I have no visibility so that is merely speculation based on watching the list grow and shrink with new people.
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member
    They are down to 2 names still on the list this morning. I assume everyone else is in the "Ready for the APP Committee" phase. I checked 3 other folks I know who have entered and they are showing similar statuses. I can no longer see MIMS under My Events when I log in using the Microsoft Internet Explorer but I can see MIMS when I use a Google internet application. I am such a geek.
  • ttriven, Leadhyena, JustSwim
    Please be patient. We are slowly working through the list of applicants. The race assignments will be made first and then the solo/individual attempts. As enrollments go in to the final stages, they will disappear and re-appear from the list as their enrollment status changes.
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