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    Great white shark caught hunting, killing in SF bay for the first time

  • I am rethinking the Angel Island to Aquatic Park swim. ...we go RIGHT by there.
    In all seriousness, it's the first ever. I have to wonder if it the increase in salinity ( lack of run off due to no rain)has anything to do with them venturing into the bay more often. Another reason to hope for a rainy winter.

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    Thought this was worth re-posting - some thoughts from SERC president Bill Wygant:

    Here's what it takes to swim with sharks. It's easy! All you have to do is give up your fear of death and you will be fine. Actually it's not just giving up being afraid to die. You have to give up your feeling that you make a difference, that if you were to die you would be remembered, or mourned for very long, or feel somehow the world would stop turning for even a brief period to recognize your passing. Once you get to that place you can swim with sharks fearlessly and without concern. Because once our fear of mortality is gone, every time your hand enters the water and you glide forward into the unknown you accept without fear, you will realize in each moment how much of life is a gift and you will be truly free.

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    I have no delusions about making a difference. But I just think my final moments could be very, very uncomfortable. ;) That said, I have been asked re some open water swims if I'm afraid of sharks... A popular question it seems. And I am but I'm also nervous about flying, yet that didn't stop me from flying across the US for my nephew's wedding. There are lots of ways to die but even more ways to live and fear is part of the game. So I just stuff that fear into a pocket somewhere and let it come along for the ride. But I still take that ride if it's worth it to me.

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    Heads up to those who swim or surf in Pacifica, CA. A friend received the following notification:

    "just to give you a heads up, the Coast Guard just notified me Wednesday afternoon that last Friday an aggregation of 20 white sharks were seen by a helicopter less than 100 yards offshore in Pacifica. I don't know if you swim in that area, butI would sure keep an eye out. It's highly unusual for them to aggregate in numbers like that but the estimated sizes were between 10 and 18 feetin length. I've seen several photos from the incident. I sure wouldn't go surfing or swimming if I were you."

    I'll let you know if I hear any confirmation or additional updates.

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    Fascinating first-person account of an encounter between a spearfisherman and a hammerhead off Santa Cruz Island:

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    Great story!
    Thanks for sharing, @evmo

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    A man goes out to kill for sport - and the shark gets tagged as the predator in this scenario?

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