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pigeonpigeon Member
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i used to go to slowtwitch, but found the people posting there to be too mean. And even though i was deleted at first when i joined this forum, i am not holding it against the forum. Actually, it made me laugh. Too too funny. I have saved the email. I am finding this forum informative and motivating. And no mean people, how refreshing....


  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    @pigeon, thanks for not holding it against us! We've had some problems with spammers, but after your "incident" we changed the registration procedure to avoid such inadvertent deletions. Glad you're enjoying the Forum.
  • ForeverSwimForeverSwim Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaCharter Member
    I second that notion!! Great job Evan and Donal!

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • I'm with you guys it's nice to find some other folks who love going the distance, coupled with the fact that everyone seems to look out for one another. Always fun to think that you can take your swim on the road and meet up with sme like minded people...got to love the web.
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
    I look forward to the photos we will see with comments like: "I was half way around the world in such-and-such-a-place and met with so-and-so from marathonswimmers.org who took me for a swim tour of their local favourite spots".


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