Isla de la Plata swim

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I'm beginning to toy with the idea of swimming in Isla de la Plata in Ecuador - either circumnavigation or a crossing to Bahia. Has anyone swum there before? And, are there any local contacts that could help me set this in motion? I've considered contacting Jorge Delgado and/or Ivan Enderique Ochoa--any other Ecuadorian open water people who can help?

Estoy pensando en nadar en la Isla de la Plata en Ecuador - alrededor de la isla or a Bahia. Hay alguien aqui que nada ahi, y que puede ayudar me con consejo o conexiones locales?


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    Ivan Enderica Ochoa answered my email! He's so kind! He says no one, to his knowledge, has done the swim. Also, there are sharks (he's not sure what kind) and jellies. I need to figure out what's the best season to go.
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    Thanks, Niek - most helpful!
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    Niek...You are awesome! RLM
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    Of course, one wonders if there are no shark attacks on record in previously-unswum areas because people haven't swum there, so the sharks didn't have anyone to attack. :)
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