FORUM MEMBER VOTE: Do you consider Diana Nyad's swim ASSISTED or UNASSISTED?

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Dear forum members,

It is the public discourse which happened on this forum that has brought the discussion of Diana Nyad's swim to the wider arena. Everything we now know has come about because of this forum and your input.

We have earned the right to our own vote, on our own opinions, before any other group tries to impose a announcement, decision or a back-room vote.

Our vote is just an opinion, of (mostly) peers. All the information we know is on this forum.

The question is simple:

Do you consider Diana Nyad's swim Assisted or Unassisted?

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Click Like on either one to vote.

The thread will be locked to all other comments.

We will not be approving any new forum members for the next 48 hours, to avoid any vote brigading. Voting will be closed after 48 hours.



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    Voting is now closed, after 48 hours and 83 votes.

    81 votes for Assisted, 2 votes for Unassisted.

    Original voting comments by @loneswimmer deleted to prevent future voting, but here are the screen-grabs:


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