Monterey Bay solo swims

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Patti Bauernfeind is swimming across Monterey Bay in California. If successful, this would be only the second solo crossing ever, after Cindy Cleveland in 1980.

Not sure what points they're using as start & finish, but this is about a 23-mile swim. Several attempts over the years, including a few by Patti herself, have been stymied by jellyfish.


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    So if I understand the Spot page correctly, Patti made it, yes?

    Wish I'd known about OW swimming the three frickin' times I was stationed in Monterey! Damn!

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    Unfortunately, they aborted the swim about 3 nautical miles from the finish. Michelle Macy (Oceans Seven first woman) was on board as crew. On the SPOT track, you'll notice the telltale jump after point #46.
  • Best of luck to Patti as she begins another Monterey Bay swim on Tuesday Aug 26th at 4:00 am (or a bit earlier if it makes sense weather wise -- I may hear more on this in the AM). As with the previous attempts, she'll swim from Santa Cruz to Monterey which is a straight 21+ mile course across Monterey Bay.

    Her SPOT link is .
  • From her crew, approx 8:20AM PDT: "We're 4.5 hours in and she's 10 miles along. Swimming strong and in good spirits. Jelly sightings but no stings! Everything going smoothly!"
  • Crew update: "6 hours and 12.5 miles, Patti is more than halfway and looking and feeling strong. Whales are keeping us company and the sun is out. We are shedding layers here on the boat."
  • More from Patti's crew:

    "Just over 8 hours and 17 miles. Joe got in to swim with her and borrowed my neon orange bikini top. You could hear Patti laugh in both SC and Monterey.

    All is well--Patti is doing great and conditions couldn't be better. Only glitch is my phone, which is not recharging. If posts stop, don't panic. Watch the SPOT tracker!"
  • Do you know the way to Monterey? Patti's ETA is between 4:30 and 5pm PDT!
  • This is just FANTASTIC news. I am always so much more impressed by people who go after , and go after, and go after a swim and then succeed. This is JUST sooo exciting.
    Tell Patty her locker "pod mate" Suzie D is high fiving her computer.
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    Looks like Patti has landed!!
  • From her crew "She did it!! Just over 13 hours and 28.56 miles!"

    Way to go, Patti and team!
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    Awesome. Congrats Patti!

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • Amazing swim! Way to go Patti and crew!
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    Yesterday Kimberly Rutherford became the third person to solo Monterey Bay, 25 miles in 22 hours 6 minutes.

    We've now had two epic marathon swims that haven't been done in a loooong time -- Monterey Bay and the Farallones -- both done twice in the same year. NorCal marathon swimming is heating up!
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    Patti and her observer, Michelle Macy, submitted her swim documentation to MSF, and it is now available here:
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    The documentation for Kim Rutherford's Monterey Bay swim (the third in history, and first in the south-to-north direction) is now available at:
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    Congratulations to John Zemaitis, first man to swim 25 miles / 40 km across Monterey Bay. Unofficial elapsed time 17 hours, 32 minutes, pending ratification by the Monterey Bay Swimming Association. John completed most of the swim as a tandem solo with brother Joe; Joe was pulled just a few kms from the finish with hypothermia.

    Massively well done!

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    @evmo said:
    John completed most of the swim as a tandem solo with brother Joe; Joe was pulled just a few kms from the finish with hypothermia.

    No surprise there. Average water temp was around 55.5 degrees. Air temp was even lower (54 ish). You can tell from the tracker where Joe got out. He was very close. Too bad. They're both great swimmers and people.


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  • KatieBunKatieBun CornwallSenior Member

    An immense achievement by both John and Joe. Congratulations, John, and deep respect to you both for an epic swim.

  • Congrats swimmers and crew! Joe, I want to recognize here that you had immense mental strength to reach your physical limit.

    Local news coverage:
  • JustSwimJustSwim Senior Member

    Amazing swims made even more amazing that the Z Boys just swam Tampa Bay less than 2 weeks before.

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    A new course record was established in Monterey Bay today - Catherine Breed swam Santa Cruz to Monterey in 12:42 (pending MBSA ratification), shaving 18 minutes off Patti Bauernfeind's mark from 2014.

    Photo by Amy Gubser:

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    Wow! She looks like she's haulin' ass even in this still photo.

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