Here we go again...

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Diana Nyad has announced she is headed to Cuba for another attempt.

Bets on how this one goes???


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    O - Her Magic Halo stops working

    However, keep in mind that if she makes it, we'll be inundated with late night TV ads selling them.
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    No doubt.
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    RuffWater wrote:
    Bets on how this one goes???

    If you're the bookie....
    What is the over/under on distance she makes?

    Keep in mind that tropical storm activity seems to be picking up at the moment.


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    She was examined by her two support doctors at 7:15 eastern time on Sunday morning, who said that her pules is strong and her lungs are clear (they did the inspection while she floated, therefore maintaining the integrity of the swim).

    Umm, how can you have a medical exam performed without compromising the rules of the swim? Isn't being touched intentionally by crew or observer a disqualification?

    Or is that allowed in ocean swimming? I forget.
  • heartheart San Francisco, CACharter Member
    You know - I find her perseverance inspiring. I am okay with people doing things without abiding by a set of rules (it doesn't detract from my joy for any of us achieving something under EC rules), and I will be impressed and happy for her if she finishes - she clearly is very obsessed with this particular crossing.
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    @heart - to a point, I agree. But the trouble I have is that she tries to portray the illusion that she is abiding by some set of rules, except that she changes the rules as she goes. It will be an impressive athletic great if she does get across, but I don't think it will do our sport any good if she does
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    Shouldn't the current be taking her much further to the east? Her track seems dubious, when compared to her previous swims and when compared to Penny Palfrey's track.

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    She's less than 17 miles away from Key West. I really hope I'll wake up tomorrow to the news that she's made it.
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    I'm purposely biting my tongue...
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    I think I know why, Laura. 130901-2130-Update-3.jpg

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  • Popping my head above the parapet here.. Whatever your thoughts on DN, and I
    am not a fan of her ( or amyone's) hoopla I think one of the problems is her ' boy who cried wolf' from her previous attempts will color any outcome. There has been a dearth of video this time, no official observer's report( that I am aware of) among other things. You can not fault her bloody minded perseverance and here's the kicker.. IF she inspires others in whatever endeavour they are seeking... Where's the wrong in that? We all swim
    for different reasons. Her reasons may not be yours or mine, or follow any recognized set of rules.... But aren't rules arbritary and malleable ?
  • david_barradavid_barra NYCharter Member

    Navigator John Bartlett's Report
    Monday September 2, 2013 at 9:00am. Swim Time: 48:00
    reported by: Katie Leigh

    2am: 93.84 miles, average speed 2.76 over the 53 hours.
    7 am: 102 miles from start.
    Total distance will be 110.36 miles
    Approximate time will be 53-54 hours
    Arrival time will be 2-4 pm

    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  • troubletrouble San FranciscoMember
    It isn't only her doctors who seem to have touched her:
    "her team applied a "sting stopper" substance to her forehead and cheeks in the hopes of warding off jellyfish stings.

    "Don't get it on my nose or eyes," she said, according to her website." -
  • gregocgregoc Charter Member
    Clearly not EC rules, but she did swim a long way for a long time. An amazing Ultra Adventure swim! Congrats to DN!
  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Mem​ber
    We often complain about the media coverage of Diana and how the media confuses what she does with English Channel rules and standards. Below is an article from Yahoo. I think they actually did a pretty good job of explaining what she was up to. For that, I'm happy.
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