Night Train Attempt at 228 Mile Relay swim

TheoTheo Oxnard, CAMember
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My friend Zach Jirkovsky is part of the group of swimmers associated with NIght Train that is currently attempting to break the world record for longest continuous relay by swimming from Point Conception to San Diego off the coast of California. Ironically if they succeed they will break the record of the Ventura Deep Six from the Ventura County Masters team with whom Zach and myself train with. If you are interested in following their progress here is a link to where you can find their spot tracker. They started yesterday at 3 PM.


  • bruckbruck San FranciscoMember
    Starting point was actually Gaviota State Park, not Point Conception.

    Straight-line distance from Gaviota to La Jolla is ~204 miles, so not sure how they plan to get to 228 unless they're using something other than a straight line to calculate distance.

    204 would still beat VD6's 202...

    Godspeed to them.
  • WalterWalter Southern CaliforniaMember
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    Without weighing in on the exact distance, I can say that the end is not La Jolla Cove. They will finish near the San Diego Yacht Club (past Pt Loma and up into the channel between Pt Loma and Coronado).

    I'm not very popular around here; but I've heard that I'm huge in Edinburgh!

  • Final Stretch!
  • ninkasininkasi mill valley, caMember
    hey just noticed our little swim down the coast had it's own thread.

    we're infamous!

    thanks for the support and following along...
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