Training with a sprained/bruised/fractured rib

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Hello All,

I am new to this forum, so I apologize if this has already been covered. I didn't see it, but maybe I didn't search the right place.
I am training for an OW 10K swim in October. Last week, I sprained (I think) a rib in an accident. It is still very painful to breathe. I can swim some back and breast stroke, but freestyle is impossible for more than a few hundred yards. Before the injury, I was up to about 8K in the lake. I usually swim 5-6 K a day with no problem. Everything I've read says it takes 3-6 weeks of heal. So I'm wondering how to maintain my fitness level if I have to take 3 weeks off from swimming. The race is 8 weeks from today. Can I stay in swimming shape just by running, yoga and weights? (I don't really do the weight machines, but I have in the past, so I can start again). If I recover in 3-4 weeks, is 4 weeks enough to get ready? I know everyone is different, but if anyone has an experience to share, I would be so grateful Thanks!


  • I read that continuing to swim through this injury will slow down healing time. So I thought I should stop altogether for a few weeks. Do you have a different experience?
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    I would vote for easing off swimming until your rib heals. When I was training for my 20km swim earlier this year I ended up with bursitis in my right shoulder and backed off swimming for the month before the swim and it was not a problem.

    If you are at the point where you are regularly doing 5-6km swims a day, then a 10km swim will not be hard for you, even with a 8 week break. - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

  • +1 to what dc_in_sf said. Take it easy. If you want to maintain the cardio, biking may be okay.

  • Okay, I'll back off for a few weeks. Thank you all for your input!
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