Three Rivers Marathon Swim (3RMS) - Pittsburgh - 2013 (inaugural)

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Yesterday was a beautiful journey around the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - utilizing 3+ hours in each river, I traversed the Ohio, Monogahela and the Allegheny with the assistance of two powered escorts and three kayaking teams! Special thanks to @jcmalick for his friendship, and staying by my side throughout the swim! This 9-hr event was created to not only to gain awareness of the Team Forever charitable mission, but to test-run a new marathon swimming race for 2014! Enhanced media support throughout the day has given us plenty of great pictures and video to help sell this event for sponsorship opportunities. Dubbed the 'Three Rivers Marathon Swim' (a.k.a. 3RMS) I am excited to have a group of ready volunteers to help head up a board to get this event up and running for next year. Let's bring the world to Pittsburgh!!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.



  • Yes!!!!
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    If it worked with my schedule, I'd be happy to go. I grew up not too terribly far from Pittsburgh, and it's a great town.
  • jcmalickjcmalick Wilmington, DEMember
    Let me know how I can help as this would be a great addition to the Western PA Swimming Community! (BTW, even from a kayaker's perspective it was magical and can see where Mr. Roger's got his inspiration! Shame he didn't have a tugboat on a river rather than the little red trolley taking people into "Make Believe" Land!)
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    Darren -

    Could you put up a rough map of your swim? Just curious.


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