New men's North Channel Record to forum member, @MvG

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Once again, not many details, but @MvG knocked out 10:34 (I think) beating @FergalSomervilles early season Coldest/Oldest Ever swim, swimming once again with pilot Quinton Nelson. @FergalSomerville @MvG took legend Kevin Murphy's record, and only a couple of weeks ago, Michelle Macy set a new woman's record. Waters are an unrealistically and possibly not likely to be repeated for a generation, 14 degrees.

Well done @MvG!

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  • Wow excellent swim. With this years jellyfish population booming I can only imagine it was a huge struggle, no wonder he was swimming so fast!

    Well done to all swimmers this year who have had huge successes within the North Channel!
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    Impressive swim !
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    I swam the day after Milko, and can report that the jellyfish are indeed dreadful this year. I have no way to compare to previous years, but about 2 hours in, they started coming at me thick and fast. When I started getting stung in my lady bits, that's when I began thinking that maybe I just wasn't going to be able to hang in there another 7 to 10 hours until we reached Scotland. And how quickly the temperature can change; I was told that during my 5 hours and 15 minutes unsuccessful attempt that the water was in the 12-13 range, never going higher than 13.2 and down to 12.0 in some areas.

    This time the jellies and cold had the last laugh; no decision yet as to whether a second attempt for me is in the offing. Need several more pints before I make anything remotely resembling a decision. Still, I'm damn proud of getting nearly halfway across that scary water and have learned a great deal on this journey.

    In the meanwhile, I sit here still stinging and itching in awe of Milko and Michelle and their stunning successes this season. That stretch of water is beastly and my hat is off to anyone who can conquer it.

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    A grasshopper walks into a bar...

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    Hi all,
    I have posted a long and probably slightly rambling account of my NC crossing on my swim blog at

    @emkhowley: you were unlucky with the thick cloud cover, which makes the jellies come to the surface. During my swim I had sunshine for the first half of the swim, which kept the jellies further down. I swam mostly over them, but still got stung a lot. I agree this is a beastly swim, and my respect goes as much to those who tried but did not succeed as to those who did. This crossing is different from others. Speed is not even a very interesting aspect of it. I try to elaborate on the point in the abovementioned blog post. Best of luck for your next attempt!

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