22 miles across Lake St. Clair towing a ton of bricks

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  • lakespraylakespray Senior Member
    A modern day Jack LaLanne whose many feats of strength included a swim from Alcatraz while shackled and handcuffed towing a 1000 pound boat. Good job Jim! and he had an excellent publicist as it made my office building elevator TV screen news.
  • Shouldnt this be called an "adventure swim" not a "marathon solo swim".

    He did wear a wetsuit, paddles and fins??? This stuff drives me nuts, the media has very little knowledge on open water swimming.
  • I cannot find where this was billed as a "marathon solo swim". Jim is described as a long distance swimmer and the feat was called extreme swimming and strength swimming...and yes, adventure swimming would be appropriate. If it bothers you so much, load two tons of bricks in a boat and match his swim using EC rules; I'll be the first to pledge money to your charity.

    I guess haters gonna hate. Way to go Jim! Swim on.
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