Successful 64km crossing of Lake Constance (Bodensee), Germany

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For a change some news from Germany (use google translator)):,-Extremschwimmer-Wandratsch-durchquert-See-in-knapp-21-Stunden-_arid,5472475.html

In short:
Christof Wandratch, well-known German open water swimmer (he swam the EC in 7:03h and Gibraltar in 2:51h, what more is there to say) yesterday swam the length of the Lake Constance - 64k - in about 21hrs (tbc). He was the first to do under the rules of the "Bodenseequerung" association, which basically follows the EC rules.

Congratulations to Christof (who is now eyeing to be the first German O7).

Looking forward to hear about the first double-crossing attempt - maybe Sarah Thomas and Craig Lenning can show us another flipturn ...


  • I am actually staying on the Bodensee. Did a 20k set yesterday...lucky I didn't run into him. ;-)
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