Willoughby Swim

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August 18, 2012 -- Willoughby Swim is a 4.75 mile, freshwater swim on a truly magestic and pristine lake, deep in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Daily News of Open Water Swimming has selected Lake Willoughby as one of the 50 great open water swimming venues in all of the Americas. It is hosted by IROC and NEKOWSA, the same folks who host Kingdom Swim. For more information or to register on-line: http://www.kingdomswim.org/willoughby-swim.php or contact Fil in this Forum.


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    Holy crap that's pretty...

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • FilFil Derby, VTCharter Member
    The quality of the water itself is even more remarkable. Just sayin'
  • Fil wrote:
    The quality of the water itself is even more remarkable. Just sayin'

    Totally. I did a recovery swim here after Kingdom Swim and didn't want to stop. Clear water, cooler than Memphremagog, and a nice sense of passing through something -- Switzerland, say. The lake curves a bit. Took many pictures. Dreamed of the day when I could just get in, and swim for pleasure, and not stop.
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    Sounds like you're ready for a Willoughby single or double cross. If so, we are happy to arrange some support if you need it.

  • Thanks, Fil. Marjorie here. It seemed compassable when I got in; I would need a patient kayaker. Someday.
    The records thread (and this one) reminded me of a (true) story. A lifeguard at Indiana Dunes, about age 17, spent a lot of time looking at the high-rises of Chicago. One day after his shift: "Mom, I think I can swim there." So she packed some sandwiches, got out the family boat, and he swam many miles (30?) across Lake Michigan to Chicago, stopping opposite Oak Street Beach to get back in the boat so he wouldn't cause too much of a commotion.
    A fine thing to do on a summer day. >:D<
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    Any time you want to swim more of The Kingdom, you know, just holler. -- Fil.
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    I mentioned in another blog that it's like the Lord reached down and pinched the rocks from the middle of the mountian to allow the lake to flow through. Next year I will plan to spend more time in the area after Kingdom to splash through those great lakes.


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    The "pinch" goes down about 400 feet under the cliffs. Seems like next year we should probably organize some "after swims" on Sunday and maybe even on Monday.
  • A Kingdom Tour des Lacs! Mais oui!
    ><((> ><((>

    (Just for fun, though - not to race. I have enough Red Lantern awards. )
    Flying out on July 4 will be a hoot.
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  • actually, a little > 90 meters (~300') at its deepest. The surface, though, is ~360m > sea level. Dive tables assume returning to 1 atm; the greater pressure differential is dangerous, approximating flying after a dive. So, if you feel like ducking under while swimming Willoughby, don't go all the way to the bottom more than once or twice, or, if you do, don't stay long.
  • It's less than 48 hours away! And I won't be there! =((
    This might call for 5 round trips to the pier, in the spirit of the occasion.
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    I'm going to try for 5 Pier trips tomorrow
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