Shark deterrents

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Speaking of taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling.... In the scuba world, it is well know that sharks (and fish in general) are averse to a diver's air bubbles, likely due to the noise that bubbles generate as they collide and merge.


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    Eat lots of beans for feeds?

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    How about a big circle made of plastic pipe with holes in it. It would completely surround the swimmer on all sides and air could be pumped into it. It could be color coordinated with the halo you're wearing around your neck with the warm water flowing out it
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    @bobswims - mind if I cross post that?
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    Feel free so long as it"s not a pornography website
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    In a 2012 study conducted by Flanders University and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), researchers tested Shark Shield’s Freedom 7 device, which is typically wrapped around the ankle of the user and trails an antenna that distributes an electronic pulse. The study found mixed results that leaned on the positive side, with researchers concluding that the shark shield did indeed have an effect on shark behavior (it took the sharks longer to take the bait and deterred many of sharks from taking the bait at all) but “it did not deter or repel them in all situations nor did it repel all individual sharks.”


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