Manhattan Relay - tips on what to bring

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Hi! Brand new to this forum. I am on a 4-person relay team for Manhattan in August. I am seeking advice on how to survive the waiting between swims. I feel like the swimming part I get. But the boat/waiting... that is brand new to me.

I assume I will bring a small cooler with my food. Several gallons of water. Sunscreen and a hat. Glide. Motrin. And...???

Any tips on doing a relay like this are welcome. Swim for 30-45 min, wait for 1.5-2 hrs, swim/wait/swim...


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    When I was an observer the biggest problem was the heat. There was not enough room on the deck under the canopy for the captain, his mate, myself and all of the relay members. So sunscreen and a hat is a must. There is a big difference in the weather between June and July.

    You might want to check with the rules, I think they discourage coolers. I think that might be a problem if each relay member brought one.

    Water? Yes and lots of it. You can purchase it 2 blocks away at a food store (why didn't someone tell me before my swim last year?)

    Don't forget to bring a camera. Lot's to shoot pictures of. As an observer you get to see the city up close, but as a swimmer I didn't really get a chance.
  • About the wet suit--you can slip on a sweat shirt or whatever top you want and slip the straps off underneath and keep the dampness off your torso. You will be warmer that way, but still have wet pants. It helps quite a bit.
  • Great suggestions!

    I will look into the cooler thing -- I was thinking something small (lunchbox size).

    Do you think an umbrella for shade is unreasonable?
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    sarah_q wrote:
    Do you think an umbrella for shade is unreasonable?

    On a boat? Seems unlikely to be a good idea. Broad brimmed hat and a shirt is the way to go. - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer

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