You know you are a marathon swimmer when.....

LSjswimsLSjswims Member
edited June 2013 in General Discussion get stung by a wasp while mowing the lawn and your second thought (after "oh shit, oh h*@# f&*$@! shit that REALLY hurts") is actually "hey, this is good pain tolerance preparation for jellyfish stings."


  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    Don't we have a thread for this somewhere? (buried pages deep by now, I'm sure, but still)
  • loneswimmerloneswimmer IrelandCharter Member
  • Oops! Sorry! Feel free to delete me...
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    No worries. Hadn't seen anyone post on it in a while, I figured it got buried a bit.
  • CoreyCorey BerlinMember
    edited June 2013 the pool in the winter and wondering what the painted lines on the bottom are for

    Forgive me because the above comment was meant for "You know you are an open water swimmer when"
  • evmoevmo SydneyAdmin
    @LSjswims your idea was so good that it had previously spawned a 60+ comment thread! Thanks for reminding us.

    Closing this duplicate one for now, but seriously - great idea.

    I've also added the "You might be an open water swimmer..." thread to the sticky-threads tag archive, for easy future reference.
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