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I have been doing a bit more distance lately in preparation for the zurich swim in August. My sets are normally a 25km in the pool followed by a 10 to 15km set the next day, so am averaging close to 100km per week. As a result, I guess I am getting fitter, but wanted to know if my resting heart rate is abnormal? I am currently sitting on between 38 to 40 beats per minute. Is this normal? Would like to get a poll going for other people who are reasonably fit and doing distance to double check that I don't have some sort of condition that is dropping my heart rate to this level.


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    Amazon link: 2011, Heart Rate Training by Benson and Connolly

    It's been a couple years, but I remember the initial chapters contained rather enlightening information on heart rate data in athletes. Worth their read for that, but the bulk of the remaining chapters were rather banal.
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    That's an awesome resting heart rate. And you have kids! How do you manage that?! ;)

    On another topic: looking forward to any write-up you don on the Chinmoy swim. That's on my marathon swim bucket list.

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    Congrats, at 38-40 you are near the top of the food chain. Range common for very well trained amateur athletes. I was there and many friends of mine, so nothing abnormal, just testimony of proper training ... 25km in the pool is nothing the average swimner does! Keep up the good work! Zurich will be a breeze, is a great event.
  • hi exlomax: would be interested to see the set details for your 10-15km set if you don't mind sharing
  • Thanks all--after reading these posts and some more research, I am a little less worried about the heart rate.

    I will do a write up on Chimnoy. Mongoose, not a problem, however my approach is completely abnormal and almost certainly not best practice and not to be heeded!

    I split my training sessions to intervals of 5K which are swum without stoping. These 5km are split into 5x100s, which each 100m having a different focus.

    1st 100: Focus on my buoyancy in the water making sure I have good position in the water
    2nd 100: Focus on perfect rotation
    3rd 100: Focus on perfect kicking
    4th 100: Focus on perfect buoyancy, rotation and kicking at the same time
    5th 100: Focus on breathing, buoyancy, rotation and kicking all that same time but swimming at a fast pace.

    I will be breathless after the 5th, so as I enter this sequence again I will slow down for the first 50 to settle myself again into my routine. (I found that i swim faster if I shock my body every fifth set, rather then maintaining a constant pace throughout)

    After 5km, I stop to rehydrate (which I base on a feeling of thirst only) with gatorade. I have found that I only need to eat snakes (ie soft, chewey lollies) and I don't need much. For example, on tuesday, I did a 30km session in the pool and here is what I consumed:
    4 x 500ml gatorade
    1 x 300gm of snakes

    I rest for 5 minutes after each 5km.

    I used to eat and drink much more than this, however I don't thinks it is necessary and just makes me feel bloated. After a 30km set, I just settle back into a easy 10km set the next day for recovery.

    Am still really slow for a 30km set...sitting on 1.43 per 100, however, now that I have the distance variable constant, am now focusing on incrementally dropping my pace each training session (very small change each time) and would like to get to 1.35 per 100...let's see though...probably unrealistic.

    Anyway, thanks again...this forum has been a real eyeopener for me and everyone is so helpful.
  • thanks. 1.43/100 over 30km is pretty good I recon

    I haven't yet done a 5km pool swim so aiming to get there soon. I found the kitchen sink set that someone posted so going to try that out
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    1.43min / 100m for 30km is an 8- 1/2 hour set. You may have your K's mixed up with your M's. If not, that's quite impressive.
  • Hehe...Yep, currently taking me about 8.5 hours to get through the 30kms (that is 103 seconds per 100 to be precise). The tumble turns help my time...a luxury I wont have in the open water!
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    Why on earth do you think you need to be training so many hours?
  • My overall goal is to swim 100+ km in a single session, so I am trying to get some Ks into my arms.
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    My overall goal is to swim 100+ km in a single session.

    In a pool?

  • I had considered it, but the chlorine would be too harsh on my lungs. When i move back to Australia, I am going to try to organize a race from Sydney to Melbourne. Would be looking at a Swim, Bike, Run combination with 5 competing teams. The idea would be to swim from Sydney harbour to Wollongong (approx 100 k), then tag your runner who would run to Canberra (245km). They would tag their cyclist who would ride to Melbourne (660km). Each leg would be completed as a solo event. Would be a tough event, but could be interesting. The runners and cyclist could rest if they wish, however this would come off their times. Anyone interested in coming down under to our shark infested waters for a little paddle?
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    Sounds interesting @lexlomax. We need more of these extreme marathons. Like in the old days (golden age?) of marathon swimming.

    I'm looking forward to being part of a (slow) pair in a future La Tuque 24-hour marathon swim!

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  • Yes, love the idea of a La Tuque swim--remember reading an earlier post from you about this. I did a 12 hour swim in the pool to see whether a solo swim for 24 hours in the pool would be psychologically achievable for me and it was pretty straight-forward. Do you think it would be possible to bring this event back somehow? If so, i could probably rustle up some swimmers from from Australia who would be interested. The 15 degree water is a bit scary for me though...i get SIPE in cooler waters...does it have to be in Lake Louie? :-)
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    I think it could be anywhere. Just need to get interest going. Back in the day pros came for the money. I think nowadays it would work as a charity race.

    Just here troubling deaf heaven with my bootless cries...

  • 100km...... damn, my 4km swims are starting to looking seriously insignificant, although they are compared to the marathon swims. I must say I'm having fund trying out all hte different sets I've come across on this site.
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