Help with a school project - marathon swimming around the world

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My little girl aged 9 is doing a school project. It can be on any topic of their choice, but she has been guided to doing hers on marathon swimming! She has 3-4 weeks to do this and can get help with it, but she has to produce the actual display herself. It's a fairly large display area can include facts, props, photos etc.

Anyway, I can obviously help with information on the English Channel and some of the UK swims. However, we thought it would be fun to include some information on swims around the world. There is loads of info on this forum already, and obviously we can visit the websites of the various organisations.

However, I was wondering if anyone has some photos from swims around the world that they could send to me for inclusion (DM me for my email address) or if anyone has any snippets of information or ideas for items she can include. I wouldn't just grab someone's photos off the Internet without seeking permission to use them, but she would love to show some pictures of the overseas swims too.

It's a very interesting topic and she seems quite excited about doing it.

Many thanks for your help.


  • courtneypaulkcourtneypaulk Richmond, VirginiaMember
    Zoe - feel free to pull info, pics, etc. off of my blog.
    There is stuff further down about MIMS 2011 and 2012 and Ederle 2011.
  • MvGMvG MauritiusCharter Member
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    Niek wrote:
    Zoe I'm sure that @MvG Milko van Goor won't mind her using material from his site.
    Especially because his charity projects involve children.

    Hi Zoe, yes absolutely no problem for your daughter to pull off any pics she likes from my blog - the project was about swimming lessons for children in slums and rural areas in Bangladesh.

    Thanks Niek for the referral.

    Milko van Gool :-)
  • IronMikeIronMike Northern VirginiaCharter Member
    Zoe, I have pics from swims in Denmark and Cyprus on my blog. Feel free!

    We're all just carbon, water, starlight, oxygen and dreams

  • LynnkubLynnkub Charter Mem​ber
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    Hi Zoe,
    You are welcome to any screen grabs from the swim videos off my oceanswimmr Youtube.
    These are mostly California swims (Catalina and Anacapa).
  • pennypalfreypennypalfrey Seventeen Seventy, Queensland, AustraliaMem​ber
    Hi Zoe,

    Me too,

  • molly1205molly1205 Lincoln, NebraskaSenior Member
    And swipe whatever you'd like from I have a recap from my recent 25K swim in Pensacola, Florida. Still recovering from that one :-/

    Molly Nance, Lincoln, Nebraska

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaSenior Member

    Dear all,

    I have been asked by my son's (8years old) teacher to present to the classroom my OWS activity, I figure in a way to underline specific values they might understand and use at their age.

    I could say it is "my school project" and bumped into this thread which is somewhat similar.

    I though to catch their attention with some with OWS videos etc and afterwards working around the following topics:

    • what is an objective/ we all have them (ambitious, realistic, wow)
    • perseverence and work are better than talent, with minimal work (nothing memorable comes out of sitting on the sofa)
    • the role of a team (most of the times you can't do it by yourself.. you need friends, to relly on people and people to relly on you)
    • pozitive thinking - same reality, perceived differently - determining the succes or failure
    • missed objective = failure? Yes, only when ... , but No if ...
    • volunteering - how it helped my, how could we help others?

    All of us have been children (some of us still are :smile: ) and some have experience working with children.

    Could you please suggest some improvement to my key messages and how to emphasize them?
    Thank you

  • MvGMvG MauritiusCharter Member

    A pretty serious approach, perhaps a little much and somewhat abstract for 8-year olds.
    Don't forget to mix interesting bits in to keep their attention such as:

    • how do you eat/drink during a long swim
    • dangerous animals in the water
    • how do you pee/poo during longer swims (a guaranteed success, with 8-year as well as 80-year olds)
  • KatieBunKatieBun CornwallSenior Member

    I'd also add other things which fire their imagination, like big waves, getting close to tankers and container ships and swimming at night.

  • @pennypalfrey said:
    Hi Zoe,

    Me too,


    Hi Penny, it looks like you've lost control of the domain name ;-(

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaSenior Member

    @MvG said:
    Don't forget to mix interesting bits in to keep their attention such as:

    Great ideea Milko!! :D thank you

    @KatieBun said:
    I'd also add other things which fire their imagination, like big waves, getting close to tankers and container ships and swimming at night.

    Katie I need to fire my imagination also :)) so far i have no experience with night swimming and container ships (my son would know i lie :))) ), but will steal from other's experience as to the available variety of conditions and risks these swims involve. Hmm .. maybe bring the ideea of how small we are but what great achievements are there :) . Great! Thank you :smile:

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