Help with a school project - marathon swimming around the world

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My little girl aged 9 is doing a school project. It can be on any topic of their choice, but she has been guided to doing hers on marathon swimming! She has 3-4 weeks to do this and can get help with it, but she has to produce the actual display herself. It's a fairly large display area can include facts, props, photos etc.

Anyway, I can obviously help with information on the English Channel and some of the UK swims. However, we thought it would be fun to include some information on swims around the world. There is loads of info on this forum already, and obviously we can visit the websites of the various organisations.

However, I was wondering if anyone has some photos from swims around the world that they could send to me for inclusion (DM me for my email address) or if anyone has any snippets of information or ideas for items she can include. I wouldn't just grab someone's photos off the Internet without seeking permission to use them, but she would love to show some pictures of the overseas swims too.

It's a very interesting topic and she seems quite excited about doing it.

Many thanks for your help.


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