[Resource] marathonswimmers.org spreadsheet of Marathon Swim organisations (swims 10 miles &over)

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We've been having an intermittent discussion about creating a marathon swimmers database. As a step toward that I put toghether a spreadsheet of the top 49 marathon swim organisations with swims 10 miles or over. Included are websites, rules links, Chairperson/Director/etc and Secretary names where possible, applications, email contacts and results links.

If anyone has any changes/additions/corrections please PM me and I'll make them. (If I open it up to everyone to edit, we'll lose control of it). Especially the last five organisations/swims on the list for which I have virtually no info but which are established swims.

Some swims are inaugural this year or last and I considered taking them out. It might be better to keep the list to swims that have been held at least twice?

I've added a Version number which I'll change as I make changes from now on so everyone can keep track in case they save an older version.



  • Well my initial question asking for a database for all marathon swims has been answered. Thank you to everyone involved. This is an excellent resource. Great work! :-bd
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    Thanks @gnome4766!


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